5 reasons why Covid-19 convinced us to rebrand

A quick summary:

Rumours are true; we are rebranding!

Recent events shone light upon people’s most fundamental and non-negotiable needs. Needs like being balanced, happy and inspired to smile every day. Something had to be done and we are here to do it. It is much more than wellness at the workplace, or wellness at home, or wellness at any particular time and place. It is about working with the power of each individual to inspire all that is good - the life, love and laughter we are looking for.

So in case you were curious, here are the top 5 reasons why we decided to make some changes. To do things differently. This is why Heka was born.

1. Accessibility inspires

Our objective is to inspire and empower each human to commit to their wellness journey. The pandemic made it clear that a prerequisite for that commitment is having access to wellbeing experiences regardless of time, location or context.

People want to receive advice from their PT on a quick call; they want to join a virtual marathon through an app; and they want to access a meditation session at 2am if they're struggling to sleep. So, we decided to pack these all up in a single platform for maximum inspiration.  

2.  Individuality stimulates

Our portfolio was previously designed for ice-climbers, salsa-dancers, gym-goers, yoga-lovers, golf-pros and everything in between. But recently...new behaviors and personalities caught our attention.

What about that person for whom a sense of wellness is better experienced through a motivational talk?  Or that individual for whom, the only way to stay on track, is to be visually inspired by a wellness magazine? What about that human that doesn’t need a nutrition program, but simply a pack of healthy smoothies delivered to their doorstep?

Heka has taken them, any many more, into consideration.

3. Community motivates

The period of social isolation served to highlight that building relationships is a fundamental human need. People are always looking for more, and deeper connections.  Heka seeks to do just that.

We want to connect all humans on a wellness journey, regardless of whether they started 20 years ago or whether they've just booked their first experience. A commitment to self-care is not easy, and we need others to encourage us to keep going.

4. Knowledge incentivizes

Some years ago, people would settle with being told what was good for their wellness. But now, they want to explore it themselves. Our community consistently wants more information on how they can eat better, feel better, think better and be at their best every single day.

This is why, we decided to launch the Heka Academy. Here we host live workshops, talks and coaching sessions to support all those in a journey to becoming happier, healthier humans. Through the academy, individuals can discover wisdom, routines and tools to find the life, love and laughter we are all looking for.

5. Wellness empowers

For the majority of UK companies, the sudden switch to remote working proved to be much more than an operational challenge. Team leaders reached out to us to help maintain their people engaged, happy and healthy.  The workforce reached out to us to maintain balance, stay connected and get that dose of daily inspiration.

Employee wellness was no longer a box to be ticked. It was a tool, an asset, a lifestyle. And those companies who've embraced a human-focused culture have thrived regardless of the crisis.

Heka is designed to build a better future. For businesses. For teams. For humans.

(oh and also... audio troubleshooting)

Perhaps, when you first heard about GoSweat, you asked for the name to be repeated because you didn’t catch it the first time… if you did, you weren’t the only one.

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