Designing Heka: The look and feel of wellness in the Covid-19 era

A quick summary:

The name Heka comes from Ancient Egypt, meaning “wellness”. It was the God of magic and medicine, two concepts which, back then, meant almost the same thing.

To them, Heka allowed for the individual to link to the divine and inspired humans to activate the power of their soul. Their life-force. Their magic. Deciding we wanted to be Heka for people was easy, but deciding on how that would look and feel at every touchpoint...well, that was harder.

We tried pastels, dots, serifs, contrast, vertical lines, waves, triangles, diagonals, neons and even hieroglyphics. We wanted visuals which would convey energy, life and magic at every interaction.

What is the color of wellness?

Before deciding on the green as the basis for our brand, we considered other color combinations like the ones below:


At the end, however, there was no doubt that green was the best fit for wellness and for Heka. Green is the color of balance, harmony and growth. It is also known to promote love and nurturing. This is exactly what Heka is about; finding that sweet spot and inspiring people to be all that they can be every day; smarter, happier, healthier.

Does wellness have straight edges?

You’ll see across our website and content, that we have triangles and circles everywhere. Even in our logo, the A is made up of a triangle and a circle. This was not accidental. In fact, we tried dozens of different designs for our logo before deciding on the final one. You can see a few of the designs we tested below:


and some more...


Triangles represent strength. Did you know that no matter how much pressure you apply to a triangle, it is impossible to break? That is because any pressure placed on it is distributed equally on the three sides. Heka is all about finding the perfect balance between mind, body and spirit to thrive regardless of the circumstances.

Triangles also represent fire. We want to be that spark, that feeling, that experience which triggers something in you. We want to light your fire and put wind in your sails.

Circles on the other hand, represent wholeness and the self, and they are at the center of everything we do. We start and work with the power of the individual to inspire all that is good. Circles are about unity and inclusivity, and that is because, while Heka isn’t the same for everybody, Heka is for everybody; and finding that life, love and laughter which we are all looking for.

As you can see, it was not easy to pinpoint what Heka should look like and feel like...but once we did, it was clear that there was no other way.

Green, triangles and circles... they have a million different meanings for different people, but so does Heka.

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