Everything you need to know about our rebrand

A quick summary:

  • What you need to know about our Heka brand
  • Why we chose to rebrand
  • How our platform has changed since the Heka brand
  • How our prices have changed
  • Many more FAQs!

Since we announced our Heka brand, we’ve received countless emails from users, providers and partners asking about the upcoming changes and the impact these will have.

That is why, we’ve decided to summarise all of it right here. Hopefully this answers all your questions and provides an insight into what we are all about, but if there is anything we’ve missed, just hit the button below to speak with one of our wellbeing experts!

What you need to about our Heka brand

Below, we're going to give you a rundown of the ways in which our rebrand has evolved. We'll discuss why we chose to rebrand, what it means for partners, users and our own team and how the rebrand impacts our mission and visions. If you'd like to find out more about how Heka works, hit the button above!

Alternatively, feel free to check out some of our latest blog posts and webinars! Here's some to get you started:

Why did you choose to rebrand?

This isolation period highlighted people’s most important needs when it comes to their wellbeing. We saw there was a gap. An inconsistency; unsatisfied desire. Something needed to be done and we decided we’d be the ones to do it. There are five main reasons why we've decided to rebrand to Heka.

How has your platform changed with the Heka brand?

A few things have changed. Firstly, we’re introducing a brand new user dashboard, with a Netflix-like look and recommendations based on whether you want to dedicate time to your mind, body or soul.

Second, the Heka Academy is now at the core of our offering. In this virtual space, members of our community can have more intimate interactions with providers, learn new things, ask questions and get support regardless of where they are on their wellness journey.

We’ve also introduced our super insightful resources that HR managers, culture experts and business owners can use to create healthier, happier teams! We recommend checking out our financial wellbeing resource or the 17 HR calculations cheat sheet! For more, hit the button below!

Are prices the same?

Our pricing has changed in order to inspire more humans to be happier and healthier. You just pay a minimal monthly fee per employee to give your team access to thousands of discounted experiences.

If you'd like to discuss the costs involved with using Heka, please don't hesitate to book a demo with our team. One of our experts will be more than happy to walk you through our platform and introduce you to all the great features and benefits.

Are you still working with the same partners?

Yes, we are working with the same partners and many, many more. For instance, we’ve now added plenty of wellness products, services and experiences to our portfolio.

Also, due to repeated requests from our community, we now offer services like financial wellbeing, life coaching, health testing, nutrition consultations and outdoor experiences. We take personalised wellbeing seriously, which is why there is — and always will be — something for every member of your team!

How does this change affect existing users?

Existing members of the community will continue receiving monthly allowance from their employers unless agreed otherwise. This allowance will now serve to purchase many more of our discounted classes.

How does this change affect existing partners?

Companies will see an even greater engagement, as employees have more opportunities to get involved and a wider range of alternatives to choose from. Additionally, the Academy provides an incomparable exposure to the highest quality of coaches, therapists, PTs, teachers and nutritionists, amongst other health professionals.

This means that employers and team leaders will have a greater choice when it comes to private events, talks and team building workshops.

More than anything, our new approach, will transform the wellness culture of businesses. It is not about ticking a box, achieving a certain score on an employee survey or sharing a slide deck with health recommendations.

It is about inspiring people to be all they can be – smart, balanced, happy and able to smile each and every day.

How has this change impacted your team?

Despite the endless debates on the Heka logo, and the long hours spent on getting the platform to look “just right”, we're more excited than ever to launch the new Heka brand.

We’ve grown our team to ensure that there are people dedicated exclusively to taking care of our users, to supporting providers and to guiding partners as they integrate wellness into their company culture.

Have your values changed? Is your vision still the same?

Yes and no. We will always be committed to inspiring individuals to start their wellness journey. However, we feel that the current circumstances have deeply disrupted the way in which individuals, businesses and we, as a team, think about wellness.

While our previous focus was solely on “workplace wellbeing”, we’ve now designed a platform and service which are focused on HUMAN wellness.

Whether that human is in an office or works from home. Whether they are part of a team or they work alone. We want to be the means through which they discover their inner strengths and passion.

What does the name Heka mean?

In ancient Egypt, Heka was the God of magic and medicine; while these now seem like two contrasting concepts, they used to signify almost the same thing. In essence, Heka enabled a connection between humans and the divine, and that is exactly what we want to do.  

For most people, the body is just a vehicle for habits, driven by impulse and steered by prejudice. But we believe it's a vehicle for joy, discovery and experience. See how we're building a movement with our Heka brand, and what our vision is for the future of health and wellbeing.

What inspired the new look?

Deciding on a final design for HEKA was not easy and in fact we reviewed many colours, concepts, shades and typographies. Anything from skin, to movement, to body, etc. See for yourself how the Heka brand design evolved over time.

How do you pronounce the new name?

It is pronounced "Hee-ka". We especially like how you can’t help but smile when you say it out loud. Try it!

How did you know you wanted to become Heka?

After years of sharing with team leaders and HR professionals, it was apparent for us that there was something missing in the wellness sector. During the pandemic, this missing piece became apparent.

People look for different things, but everyone is looking to be inspired. To be all that they can be. To live. To laugh. To love. And this is what each member of our team wants too, so finding Heka was like finding magic… and we want to share it with anyone that is down for the journey.

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