How the financial services sector is taking care of their employees

Location: Central London

Money Supermarket is an online, price comparison platform specialising in financial services. They strive to guide their highly-diverse clients, but also their employees, to the best investments of both time and money. 

Main benefits achieved

48% of employees in the London office opted in within the first week of the benefit going live.

More than 600% increase in employee engagement from October 2019 to January 2020.

Removed all administration and budgeting related to supporting wellness at the workplace.

Glassdoor reviews make direct reference to the company’s great work life balance and “excellent benefits.”


MoneySuperMarket was well aware of the benefits of employee wellness, however, related investments were hardly being justified by the one or two people who showed up to the pre-paid classes at their local fitness studio. Poor engagement and commitment made it clear that an alternative solution was needed. Unfortunately, planning wellness-focused initiatives was getting increasingly strenuous, as this had to be done alongside other work responsibilities which often took priority. 

On top of this, distributing the wellness budget in a way that was fair for all employees appeared like an impossible task when each individual had their own preferences and schedule.  Every investment seemed to be relevant for only some employees, while others felt excluded or were simply not interested.
Our solution

Prior to the launching, we designed tailored comms to be featured on the company’s weekly scoop. This helped raise awareness and build hype around the new benefit. Heka was then presented at an employee meeting and our launch team created buzz around some of our top wellness experiences near the office. This included our ice-climbing venue, which turned out to be perfect for an employee who was training to climb one of the biggest volcanoes in Ecuador at the time.  Additional credits were also offered to encourage people to book their favourite experiences straight away.

The result? The company saw the greatest percentage of uptake for a wellness initiative in a single week. Furthermore, we designed a system which automatically ensured everyone had equal access to the wellness budget and could access their preferred Heka experience at a time and place which fitted their schedule. This was also successful at reducing related administrative burdens and freed up time for people to focus on their job responsibilities.

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