How MessageCloud is taking care of its employees

Message Cloud is an award-winning, mobile messaging provider. Their main services include mobile campaigns and management solutions.


- 73% employee opt-in was achieved within one week

- Plymouth now has one of our most inclusive and varied wellness portfolios, making full use of their landscape through experiences such as hacking along the coast, diving and stand up paddle-boarding.

- 84% of employees who opted in actively engaged with Heka from the very first month.


Message Cloud was looking to implement their first well-being initiative for employees. The company required something that would cater for their highly diverse workforce and give them full flexibility over when and how to use their benefit.

At the time however, our wellness portfolio in Plymouth was limited; our team had to both learn about the employees’ wellness objectives and preferences, and build a suitable experience portfolio within record time to ensure maximum value for all company members.

Our solution

A survey was conducted amongst Message Cloud employees to discover their favourite wellness experiences and any specific well-being providers who they wanted to have access to. In a period of 3 weeks, our dedicated team had created a well-being portfolio tailored to their fitness goals and including the requested providers and activities. Involving the employees from the very start was hugely successful at securing their engagement and commitment after the launch.

Furthermore, it has made it clear to each individual, how important their opinions and contributions are to company decisions.

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