“Definitely the best wellbeing perk for your employees” — Pod Talent

Pod Talent is a company that has always cared about its employees’ wellbeing. The team already had access to a perks platform when Pod’s Operations Director Louise Harding, began the search for an alternative that focused on employee wellbeing. “We wanted a platform to help us demonstrate the importance we place on the wellbeing of our employees, as opposed to things like ‘money off’ vouchers. Heka allows us to directly contribute to the wellness of the team, in a simple and transparent way.”

Flexibility and altruism

As a company that cares about its culture, the leadership team encourages its employees to provide feedback on working at Pod. “Our recent employee feedback has been very positive overall and I’m sure Heka plays a big part in that.” 

“We want to give our employees flexibility in their benefit, for it to be something non-work related, and that they can see as a treat, especially after all their hard work during the pandemic. Heka enables us to do all of this and more.”

Heka genuinely cares

It wasn’t just the excellent range of experiences and wellness personalisation that won the Pod team over. Louise says: “Heka is fully aligned with our values as a company with a big focus on providing an excellent service. Everyone we’ve worked with at Heka has genuinely cared about the product and it’s value. We never felt like we were being overly sold to or pushed into anything and everyone I’ve spoken to has been very personable and friendly. This is important to us as a business, as that’s our culture too!”

We believe setting up and using Heka in your business should reduce your workload, not add to it. For Pod Talent, Louise says “the set up and onboarding process was super easy. 100% of our employees use Heka to support their wellbeing and it requires very little management from me and none at all from senior management so they’re particularly pleased!”

Superb choice and ease of use

“Everyone on the team loves it – they love the choice, the type of products available, and that they are able to request something to be added if they think the platform would benefit from it. The site is very easy to use as well, and the customer service is very good if there are any issues. The range of perks on the platform means that there is something for everyone, so all employees and senior management too can benefit from it.”

“If you’re considering adding Heka to your benefits – do it. It may not be the cheapest wellbeing perk, but it is definitely the best for your employees and offer them the best choice. If your business can afford it, it’s definitely worthwhile.”

About Pod Talent

Pod Talent is a team of supply chain recruitment specialists offering services ranging from executive search and bespoke multi-hire solutions to talent consulting and a supply chain graduate scheme. They boast a 100% candidate satisfaction rate, 80% of business comes from repeat customers, and even have an internal Jedi scheme.

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