How a co-working space is taking care of employees during Covid-19

Work.Life creates intelligently designed, community-led co-working spaces to keep the workforce happy and productive. While COVID-19 caused the closure of all their locations, the company’s strong commitment to providing a premium experience resulted in the implementation of virtual, wellness touch points for all of their members.

Main benefits achieved

- Implementation of two private experiences weekly: a fitness class and a more relaxing, wellness session.
- A personalised, on-demand portfolio of wellness experiences accessible to all remote workers.
- A complementary talk delivered each week through the Heka Academy and led by one of our well-being experts.


Regardless of the strict isolation policies, Work.Life wanted to continue delivering an exceptional experience to each of its members. Their community had to be equipped with valuable knowledge to remain focused and productive while working from home. Additionally, engaging experiences had to be put in place to maintain their team mentally and physically fit. A limited budget also meant that every single touchpoint had to truly add value and strengthen their community.

Our solution

We provided individuals at Work.Life with an extensive portfolio of online well-being experiences to access and enjoy at their own leisure. This allows them to access anything from virtual yoga, to HIIT sessions and life-coaching to nutrition consultations. Our weekly schedule of live classes also supports members to create their own routine, while encouraging them to explore a range of wellness opportunities.

Additionally, through the Heka Academy, their employees can access ted-syle talks and interactive workshops on holistic well-being topics. These are delivered by our premium providers and empower the team to learn, grow and consistently improve their wellness lifestyle.

Finally, the setting up of private fitness and wellness sessions every week have allowed Work.Life to offer personalised support to its members and boost community engagement.

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