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benefit for law firms

Some of the UK’s best law firms from magic circle to small boutiques use Heka to provide personalised employee benefits for their teams.

Foster a positive company culture, modernise your benefits, and support employees with legal careers to be their very best with Heka.
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“Heka is a dream for our employees at Creature and is so easy to use.”
Becky Dale
Office Manager
“Heka is the obvious choice for employee wellbeing, I highly recommend it.”
Lesley Stamps
Director of Administration
“Heka helps us reward our employees in a way that actually adds value to their lives.”
Hannah Marais
Talent Generalist

The only way to offer Total Wellbeing

Offer every employee everything they could need for their wellbeing, all in one place. By providing a wellbeing allowance, employees have true flexibility, feel invested in, and can support their wellbeing on an individual basis.

500% increase in employee engagement

It’s proven to work. One magic circle firm improved employee participation in their wellbeing benefit by 500% by moving from multiple providers to Heka.

5000+ wellbeing benefits in 1 place

Heka makes personalised recommendations to each member of your team. From gym memberships and menopause support to healthy meal kits, counselling and everything in between, Heka has it all.

Making employees happier and healthier

Law firms using Heka to support  wellbeing found that 93% of employees say Heka makes them healthier. That’s why we’re the highest rated employee benefit on TrustPilot.

For employees, wellbeing matters.

90% of lawyers would refuse to work for certain law firms, regardless of compensation, because they believe the working culture would negatively impact their wellbeing, according to Financial Times.

It shows that when it comes to job satisfaction, employee wellbeing is top of the agenda for lawyers right now.

Adapt your EVP for the next generation of lawyers

With competitive salaries and clear and structured career progression, now is the time to look at what the next generation of employees are looking for in their career.

Reports all agree; employers that invest in employee wellbeing are going to win the most talented candidates, especially those that can offer support across multiple generations.

Used by many.
Loved by thousands.

Heka is Balderton Capital’s favourite benefit providing “everything we needed” and “definitely makes the team feel more valued.” Impressively, Heka attracted a 90% signup rate in the first 2 days, says Chantal, Balderton’s Head of People.
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