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Heka empowers humans through benefits that are personal, inspiring, and joyful. 

Every person has unique strengths. And Heka exists to help people find them and thrive through them. With over 3,000 carefully curated health and wellness experiences, Heka offers a benefit that ticks bucket-lists, not boxes. 

How it works

What is Heka?

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    Heka is a belief

    A belief that each human is unique.

    And that we can work with the power of the individual to inspire them to be all that they can be.

    We’re the gateway to more than 3,000 carefully curated health and wellness experiences, covering mental, physical, on-demand, and lifestyle.

    And we believe that these can spark change.


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    Heka is for everyone

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    Heka is a lifestyle

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    Heka is real change

Our wellness providers

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Why companies love using Heka


Heka have been a brilliant addition to our wellbeing benefit. The platform provides a broad range of choice in terms of activity and location. The team are great, always on hand to help me as the office representative and also each individual who has signed up. They make wellbeing easy!

Keely Ryan Wellbeing champion Moneysupermarket

What really stood out to me was the extra care  Heka takes in engaging with people using their platform. With their focus being on community, it was a no brainer. I'm so happy they reached out to Work.Life

Rochelle Bray Engagement lead Work.Life
Furniture Practice

At The Furniture Practice we believe that a healthy body makes for a healthy and productive mind. We do everything we can to encourage employees to take part in sports and fitness classes and the fun aspect of Heka makes this a great benefit to offer our employees.

Fredrika Juhlin HR manager The Furniture Practice
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What do happier, healthier humans need?

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For happier, healthier humans


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