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We’re always on the lookout for additional partners that will make a genuine, impactful difference to our members’ wellbeing.

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How partnering with Heka works

We make it simple for you to get more customers.

1. Sign up

Book in a call to check we’re a good fit for each other and agree terms.Then our team builds your profile and product pages before launching to the Heka marketplace.

2. Balance drops

Employees that have access to Heka get monthly allowances deposited into their account to spend across Heka’s 50+ wellbeing categories.

3. People buy

Any Heka member can access your profile and hit buy. We’ll optimise your pages for conversion and offer additional marketing if you want to increase your presence.

4. You get paid

The whole reason to partner with us! You’ll gain extra revenue as you reach a wider audience which has more disposable income through their Heka allowance.

Redefining what employee wellbeing encompasses

Heka is the UK's only wellbeing benefit that directly promotes wellbeing experiences, services and products to its members. Our wide offering helps employees across every wellbeing category find the support they need.

From menopause support to craft kits and gym memberships, or health testing to fitness watches and therapy. It’s on Heka.

Get in front of the people you want most.

Every member sees personalised recommendations of wellbeing benefits inside Heka.

That means you'll be front and centre for thousands of customers who are looking for someone just like you!

Reach new audiences

Your wellbeing brand on a wellbeing platform being showcased to thousands of employees wanting to improve their wellbeing. Dreamy.

Generate revenue

It’s why you’re here! Every member on Heka gets a monthly wellbeing allowance to spend on our partners like you. Now’s the time to get a slice of the action.

Low cost aquisition

The cost of listing on Heka is extremely low as we want to provide as many top wellbeing brands to our members as possible.

Closed marketplace

No need to worry about cannibalising your direct sales, as only paid Heka members have access to your product or service.

"Heka has been great for us in terms of reaching new customers that were not within our customer base."

"Working with Heka has been great. They've helped us get The Best Workout in the World to more people and having their community join ours has been a pleasure.

The Heka team is always super helpful and our relationship is built on delivering a premium experience together for their members."

"We're really happy with how sales are going! We've had around a great number of orders already this month which is fantastic."

"Partnering with Heka led to an immediate rise in sales through their community. Highly recommend Heka to any business looking to attract new customers and generate more revenue."

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