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    Heka works with companies to give employees access to the best experiences in health and wellness. An impressive 65% of employees who have access to Heka, use it regularly.  Engaged employees means more clients for you, with no additional effort.  


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ROWBOTS is the complete workout for your body and mind. Our mission is simple. To provide a space to empower everyone to be strong physically and stronger mentally. Partnering with Heka has been a pleasure. It has supported our mission and allowed us to empower even more people. The set up was simple, and the continued service and support has been excellent throughout.
Greg Zimmerman Co-Founder & Chief Experience Officer
Barry's Bootcamp Heka provider

At Barry's, we take pride in being the best part of everyone's day. We are honoured to share this Barry's feeling with the Heka community. Taking care of the mind-body connection is something we are very proud of and we are so glad that Heka has allowed us to be the best part of your day. The mind is the most powerful muscle in the body. Train it well, treat it kindly.

Dnia Malhas Business Development Coordinator
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We decided if we were to set up a business, it had to be one that was about far more than profit. We had to be an ethical and sustainable company, producing great food at a fair price. Working with Heka has helped us to grow beyond our mountain roots. They've brought us new customers. Driving our mission, to contribute positively to the planet and its people.

Mark Sears Co-Founder

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