5 benefits of a human-focused culture [Infographic]

A quick summary:

So what does it mean to be human?

As humans, we can all feel happiness, sadness, surprise and anger. We all have basic needs for food and safety. Psychological needs for connection and accomplishment. And self-fulfillment needs, to achieve our full potential.

That is why we created Heka. For humans. For inspiration-seeking people wanting to be all that they can be.

We believe that if every company had a human-focused culture and strived to satisfy the needs of their people, then we’d be living in quite a different world.

Today we want to invite you to be a human-focused leader. We want to invite you to inspire. To empower. To do more than just tick a benefits’ box and provide the tools for your team to tick their bucket lists.

These are the 5 major benefits of a human focused culture:

Heka Infographic (1)

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