5 things to do other than scroll

A quick summary:

Our phones are important. Without them, we'd find it tricker to keep in touch with loved ones, travel, read the news and connect with people from around the world. But screen time is often very moreish. It can be difficult to pull ourselves away from our phones, which can make us feel less productive and groggy. Even more concerning, is the link between social media and anxiety and depression is very well known.

Here's your reminder to put your phone down and do something else that makes you feel good. Need some inspiration? We've got just the thing - read our 5 favourite things to do, other than scroll 💚

Move your body

Your body loves to be moved. That doesn't mean you need to run a marathon, do a HIIT class or lift heavy weights (but if that's what you enjoy, dive on in!). Find a form of movement you enjoy and make time for it. If you're looking for something a little more gentle, we recommend walking, stretching and pilates.

Tick off some life admin

Not the most glamorous, but hear us out. Life admin (e.g. washing, cleaning, food shopping... you catch our drift) is often seen as a burden, but actually, the feeling of ticking a few things off the list can make your day! Plus, research shows that creating a tidy and peaceful space boosts your mood, reduces anxiety and heightens creativity.

Take a nap

Your body will tell you when you need sleep. So if you find yourself rubbing your eyes whilst you're scrolling - listen to your sleep cues. Pop down your phone, do a mini nap routine (hot drink, book, comfy space) and take a well deserved nap. Remember, your phone emits blue light which keeps your brain awake, so leaving your phone alone before bed is essential!

Make a plan

Instead of scrolling, why not make a plan to do something you need or want to? It could be as simple as jotting down some holiday ideas, how you'll spend your weekend or what you'd like to achieve. Looking at the bigger picture or having something nice to look forward to, can provide a sense of clarity and perspective.

Enjoy the moment

This one we can't stress enough. It can be SO tempting to pick up your phone in social situations, in a scenic environment or in a moment where you're truly happy. It's tempting to try and capture on your phone and of course, pictures and videos are lovely reminders of things that have happened. But. Please don't lose out on experiencing these moments because you're glued to your phone screen. Try and adopt a rule where you use your phone to capture a moment and then put it away. Nothing beats immersing yourself in the moment itself.

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