5 tips for heading back to the gym

A quick summary:

It’s been a rough year! We’ve all been stuck at home, trying as hard as possible to keep up the burpees in our front rooms and not totally give in to sweatpants on the couch.

So the easing of restrictions is great news for all us fitness fans... gyms are back open!

Here are 5 top tips from the team at HERMOSA (the coolest, tastiest protein out there!) for heading back to the gym:

1. Take it steady!!! Your body might get a bit of shock if you book a class every night of the week. Ease yourself back in!

2. Arrange to meet a friend. Doubling up on a workout sesh and a social arrangement is literally the best! You get to hang out with your mates AND get fit - win, win!

3. Try something new... Being active doesn’t have to be inside a gym. Try a salsa lesson or put on a pair of roller skates and go nuts.

4. It’s all about balance. Keep a healthy balance when it comes to exercise and food. Max out the workout, eat the cake - live your best life!!

5. Always, always REFUEL after a workout. Your body needs to be replenished and by having a good hit of clean, high-quality protein, like *HERMOSA, you’ll speed up your metabolism and reduce your recovery time. Your body will thank you and you’ll be ready to train again!

HERMOSA is available on HEKA in glass jars, 1kg pouches or boxes of 10 individual servings. Vegan and whey options are available.