An Introduction to Aromatherapy with Scentered

A quick summary:

We always get asked how we’re feeling, rather than how we want to feel! That’s where Scentered comes in.

Scentered is a mindful wellbeing brand all about supporting your mood transitions that occur throughout the day. Whether you need to refocus for work after racing the kids to school or de-stress after a long day, Scentered's aromatherapy products can help you to smoothly transition into the necessary state of mind.

But what is Aromatherapy and is there science behind it? Keep reading for Scentered's Introduction to Aromatherapy.

The History of Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is an ancient holistic healing treatment that’s been around for thousands of years to enhance body, mind, and spirit.

There’s evidence that ancient civilisations including China, India and Egypt used aromatic concoctions for medical and religious reasons. Over time, the process of distillation was discovered, and essential oils became more complex. Later in the 19th century, some of these oils were used to treat disease. With the advent of chemical drugs, there was a move away from plant-based therapy, although it still lingered in the background before coming to prominence once again.

Today, millions of people across the world use aromatherapy for all sorts of reasons and its benefits are widely recognised. Recently, there has been a focus on conducting scientific research into aromatherapy providing clinical back-up for this age-old therapy.

The Science Behind Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy has a sound scientific basis because it works on the link between our sense of smell and the part of the brain where memory and habits are formed 🧠

When we breathe essential oils in, minute molecules travel from the olfactory nerves directly to our brain and this directly impacts our limbic system. This part of the brain is the centre of emotional life and plays a big role in forming memories, habit behaviour and emotions.

Ever wondered why certain smells trigger a memory of childhood or evoke a strong emotional response? Chances are you encountered that smell in the same context many times, which created a mental cue for your brain. Aromatherapy also does this. So by regularly using an aromatherapy blend, you can create a mental trigger to get into a desired state of mind, like feeling calm.

Aromatherapy doesn’t only create a mental cue. The limbic system also plays a role in controlling several unconscious physiological functions, such as breathing, heart rate, and blood pressure, which are also often used as the key indicators of anxiety. It’s thought that by targeting the limbic system, aromatherapy can directly impact these physical indicators, like helping to slow down breathing or heart rate.

How Do You Want to Feel Today?

Whatever mindset you desire, our award-winning aromatherapy blends are on hand to help support a rapid mood transition.


A soothing blend with Chamomile to promote calmness and Neroli and Mandarin, tension soothers that support feelings of well-being. Ideal for helping you to juggle work and life throughout the day, keep calm and in control, manage stress and anxiety and for winding down at the end of the day.

Opt for the De-Stress Gift Set and use our Destress Candle to set the ambience for a relaxing soak. For a full De-Stress experience, opt for the Home Spa De-Stress Relaxation Kit which comes with a beautiful cotton wheat bag filled with 100% English lavender.

Sleep Well

Drift into a deep, restorative sleep with our award-winning Sleep Well blend. It’s a sophisticated, modern, floral, and oriental mix that capitalises on the therapeutic benefits of Lavender, Chamomile, Palmarosa and Ho Wood to quiet the mind.

For the ultimate night-time ritual, try the Sleep Well Set or Luxury Wellbeing Sleep Essential Kit. Don’t forget to light the Sleep Well candle a few hours before bedtime to help you get into the perfect frame of mind for sleep.  


Treat yourself to a much-needed dose of ‘me time’ and escape from daily life with this grounding blend. Oud, often used for eastern practices features heavily, along with strengthening Sandalwood and balancing Frankincense. It won’t be long until you’re mentally transported far away from here, to escape the chaos of everyday life.

The Escape Gift Set combines an Escape Aromatherapy Balm with an Escape Aromatherapy Candle. Try using them both together whilst you meditate, practice yoga, read a book, or take a relaxing bath.

Scentered Mindful Collections

For maximum support throughout your daily journey, we strongly suggest trying out our mindful collections including the Signature Ritual Collection, the Daily Ritual Collection or the Wellbeing Ritual Aromatherapy Mini Balms.

Each aromatherapy balm contains up to 25 premium mood-enhancing essential oils, carried within a nourishing moringa and shea butter balm for mess-free application to your pulse points (neck, wrists, temples). Ask yourself how you want to feel right now and go for the balm that will deliver that feeling (read our guide above if you’re unsure).

To get the most from your aromatherapy balm, follow the Scentered Wellbeing Ritual of Stop. Inhale. Reset. That is, stop to apply your balm, inhale deeply 3 times and feel your mood resetting.

Feel free to get in touch with any Aromatherapy questions.

Team Scentered 🕯️