Championing diversity and inclusion in the workplace

A quick summary:

  • Create a 'culture calendar' for your office 📆
  • Build a noticeboard for celebrating diversity and inclusion 📌
  • Host workshops around culture, diversity and inclusion 🎓
  • Encourage relationship building in the workplace 🤝

June is recognised as Pride Month. A time to celebrate LGBTQ+ communities across the globe, and diversity and inclusion in everyday life. On the 28th of June 1970, a march through New York marked the anniversary of the Stonewall riots. And ever since, June has been known as pride month around the world.

So, how can we make the most of pride month in the workplace? Below, we’ve examined diversity and inclusion, looking at ways to improve and celebrate them this June. By the end of our guide, you’ll have a greater understanding of the importance of creating a sense of belonging and understanding in your office. 

What is diversity and inclusion in the workplace?

Diversity and inclusion aren’t just popular themes in June, but they are increasingly important discussions in HR teams. Championing diversity and inclusion in the workplace starts by creating an open-minded culture. It’s about hiring people from all walks of life and embracing the diversity of your teams. 

Promoting this diversity and inclusion throughout your company is great for establishing different viewpoints, new ways of working, and thinking and improving your business. If anything is true, it’s that work environments that do not embrace diversity and inclusion are falling behind. 

To summarise both terminologies, diversity refers to the differences within an environment, and inclusion regards the practices and strategies to include everyone and create a sense of belonging. So, what are the common ideas for celebrating diversity in the workplace?

Championing diversity and inclusion in the workplace

Below, we’ve listed several ways for celebrating diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Pick out your favourite ideas and the ones you think can make the biggest difference in your workforce.

Remember: a lack of diversity and inclusion in the workplace can result in poor employee engagement, morale, happiness and collaboration. People must feel a sense of belonging and inclusion in all work settings, across any industry and with each member of the team. Your duty as a leader is to ensure employees are feeling their best and working their best. 

Failure to support diversity and inclusion isn’t just failing your team members, but hindering business growth and success in the long term. 

Before we jump into things, it’s worth noting that events you put on to celebrate diversity and inclusion should be done so with thorough consideration. Consideration of those within your team, the sensitivity around culture and backgrounds you’re celebrating and the activities you are planning. 

Involve your team, especially those of the backgrounds you’re celebrating to ensure you’re putting on the best possible celebration - they will likely have some amazing idea, you hadn’t considered.

Create a cultural calendar for your team

A culture calendar, like any calendar, is to remind you of upcoming events and celebrations. While June is a celebration itself of Pride month, find out what other cultural events are taking place - especially those relating to the background, lifestyle or religious views of your employees. 

Not only does this help in creating a culture of diversity and inclusion in the workplace, but it emphasises that everyone’s backgrounds, beliefs and more are important to you as a leader. You are demonstrating an interest in the lives of your people outside of the work environment. 

Sometimes events take priority over our working lives, and this embrace of cultural events will empower people to speak openly about why they must take time away. 

A noticeboard for celebrating diversity and inclusion

So, we’ve talked extensively about staff wellbeing board ideas, but now it’s time to focus on another use of a bulletin board - a diversity and inclusion board. Think about a space in your office environment that receives a lot of activity; a space that your team regularly sees.

This noticeboard gives your team the opportunity to share information, photos, updates and events around their cultural background. Having this noticeboard so prevalent in the office environment boosts belonging and inclusion. As a leader, you should consider contributing ideas and updates to the noticeboard - this will in turn encourage others to participate. 

Hold workshops around diversity and inclusion

Celebrating diversity in the workplace shouldn’t mean every member of the team should know exactly what it is or involves. Remember, everyone may or may not have an idea of what diversity and inclusion entails. It’s your job to help educate them on the appropriate approaches to diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

This doesn’t just create a better understanding of the topics but also helps to cement a better culture of belonging. Don’t frown upon those who need help understanding the differences around diversity and inclusion. Life is about learning, and your support as a leader is necessary. 

You could host workshops that cover diversity and inclusion, or perhaps other cultural events that happen around the world. Perhaps it’s worth bringing in an external speaker to your work environment.

Encourage relationship building in the workplace

Last but certainly not least, work relationships are hugely important to building diversity and inclusion. Employees must feel as though they can speak with their colleagues. In some work environments, general chitchat is frowned upon, as if it negatively impacts progress and productivity. 

When employees feel comfortable speaking with one another without leadership teams watching their every move, they can learn from their peers’ backgrounds, beliefs and more. Consider team building days, social events and more - everything that encourages communication helps strengthen things like collaboration and understanding. 

Remember, your team is one of your business’s most valuable assets, and diversity and inclusion is essential in all aspects of your company. 

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