Compassionate leadership, active listening and creating a virtue-driven workplace culture

A quick summary:

We recently had a chat with Asha Singh, Chief People Officer at By Miles. By Miles was voted the UK's best car insurance provider & best insurance app at the 2020 Insurance Choice Awards. The company was also recognised as one of the top startups to work for in the UK and in this episode, Asha shares the behind-the-scenes of the culture fuelling their incredible achievements.

We discuss the culture at ByMiles, how they support the holistic health of their employees and what makes their employee experience special. We also explore topics that are critical for modern leadership including active listening, emotional intelligence and hiring in a virtual world.

This episode is very special because Asha not only has over 10 years of experience in the People area, but she is also a neuroscientist, allowing her to provide unique insights when it comes to workplace leadership and culture.

About Heka's Wellness Warrior series:

In this space, we champion human-focused leaders and feature wellness warriors supporting inclusion, wellbeing and employee empowerment at the workplace.

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