Earth Day at Heka

A quick summary:

Earth Day is the World's largest environmental movement which supports global environment protection. It gives us all a gentle reminder of how fragile our planet is, and how important it is that we protect it.

Since it's launch in 1970, Earth Day continues to grow and grow every year as a worldwide phenomenon that is focused on promoting and encouraging cleaner living, and a healthier, more sustainable habitat for both people and wildlife.

Here are ten simple lifestyle changes you can adapt to help protect our Earth:

Infographic showing ten things you can do to protect the earth.

In addition to these slight lifestyle changes, have a look at some of our providers who are championing sustainability:


Being sustainable is what Hard.Bar is all about, and all bars are created with organic ingredients that are responsibly sourced. Every Hard.Bar bought plants a tree 🌳 and removes twice as much plastic as they produce from the environment. They support small scale farmers and small communities by sourcing their ingredients ethically!

Pharamond Life

Pharamond Life are dedicated to planting a tree 🌳 with Tree Nation for every item that is purchased from them. Once you purchase one of their products, you will receive a lovely present from Tree-Nation; where you can plant your own tree! Many of their products are also made from eco-materials, and they have made a commitment to sustainability.

Botanical Therapy

Everything found in Botanical Therapy boxes are crafted with botanical oils, herbal compresses and essential oils. Kay ensures that all her products are natural, vegan and sourced sustainability. Many of her products are even sourced from the UK, reducing emissions from global importation.


TRIP's line of CBD oils and infused drinks are designed to help you manage your stress, headaches, anxiety, digestive issues and much more! All of their products are all made in the UK, and they are all vegan, gluten-free and have no added sugar. The CBD oils and infused drinks also all come in minimal packaging, that is completely recyclable!

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Registered nutritionists on demand, who prioritise sustainability and help you make more sustainable food choices. 0Dhealth have also made a commitment to replant a tree in some of the worlds most at-risk areas,  for every stone that you lose!