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A quick summary:

As well as over 1000 heavily discounted wellbeing experiences, we’re proud to offer an awesome selection of experiences totally free of charge for Heka members to enjoy - you're welcome 😊

Keep reading to find out more about how you can take charge of your health through Heka without spending any of your pennies.

Anytime Fitness - 5 Day Pass

All Heka users can access a free 5-day pass for an Anytime Fitness gym near you. Whether you’re a beginner or fitness fanatic, Anytime Fitness gyms are open to everyone 24/7, 365 days a year.

You’ll benefit from high-spec fitness equipment, a friendly and supportive community environment, group workout classes and free access to a dedicated member training app that’s great for when you’re on the go.

InsideOut - 30-minute mental health consultation

InsideOut free mental health session

Feeling low, struggling to sleep or unable to switch off? These are all signs that you could do with some support.

Why not check in with one of the highly experienced and qualified therapists from InsideOut for a free, no strings attached session with one of their qualified therapists.

Max Lawrence Life & Business Coaching - 30-Minute coaching session

Max Lawrence is an experienced Business Coach specialising in helping people who are looking to progress their career or work on their personal development.

This free 30-minute coaching session is the perfect space to identify the obstacles standing between you and your goals and discuss methods of overcoming them. Max offers an empathetic and non-judgemental coaching service and has a wealth of knowledge in start-up and SME business development.

"Max is a valuable resource - a coach who understands what makes businesses and their people tick. He advocates an emotionally intelligent and pragmatic approach to business challenges, always finding the human angle and identifying clear tangible goals to better outcomes" - previous client.

MindBerry - 25-minute mental health consultation


MindBerry is offering a free 25-minute consultation to help support you through life-changing events and develop new mental skills so that you can thrive at work and in your personal life.

Sessions take place online via MindBerry’s video, audio and instant messaging technology 💻

Sleep, Stress & Calm - Free consultation

What does a sleep, stress and calm session look like? Book in for your free session today to find out!

This free introductory session will allow you to experience a consultation with one of the coaches at the London Stress Centre to discuss areas that you wish to improve and create a plan to tackle these issues using evidence-based techniques.

Your coach will help you to map your biological stress, sleep and calm patterns to give you a framework to improve from.

Eargym - Digital hearing app

Eargym is the new way to care for your hearing, a digital hearing fitness platform offering fun and immersive hearing training games designed to improve hearing skills.

We're very excited to be offering Heka members exclusive early access to the Eargym's 8-week challenge to:

EarGym free app
  • Discover your hearing - Test your hearing, track progress and receive personalised advice.
  • Fun training games - Train your auditory skills and improve your hearing experience.
  • Improve with others - Join a community of people improving and learning together.
  • Healthy competition - Compete with others on the Heka leaderboard (optional).

Book here to start testing your hearing, tracking progress and receiving personalised advice for free!👂

Casey PT - Full body sculpt 45-min virtual classes

Casey’s full-body sculpt class will push you through to peak fitness from the comfort of your home. The exercises selected are carefully designed to target every muscle in your body as you squat, lunge, crunch, curl, and press up your way through a fun and efficient class.

The class can be modified for individuals of all fitness levels from beginners to the most advanced! No equipment is required but you can use your own if you wish to progress or modify exercises. Casey runs this class every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday at 8 am - free for all Heka members. Check out our timetable here to book your preferred class.

Money Tipps - Bronze financial advice package

According to a recent study, money worries have topped a poll of the biggest stress triggers in the UK. Money Tipps offers a new and unique solution to this problem by educating, inspiring and offering money coaching. Money coaching is about empowering people to make better decisions with money, automating investing to save time and focusing on creating the best life possible free from the stress and worry of money.

Money Tipps piggy bank

Money Tipps are offering Heka members free access to their Bronze financial advice package, which includes:

  • All the basics of saving automatically to free up time in the day to be more productive or simply have more ‘me time'.
  • Their Lunch and Learn webinar ‘7 biggest money mistakes and how to avoid them’ every Tuesday at 1 pm (or you can access the recorded version any time).

Additional free resources:

Head over to the Heka Academy for a collection of free videos, articles, hints and tips from some of our most popular providers. If you're looking for some inspiration on what to book next, we'd definitely recommend checking this page out first.

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