Green Friday at Heka

A quick summary:

Green Friday was started to help raise awareness about the impact of today's shopping habits, and is all about changing consumerism as we know it. Instead of Black Friday, we at Heka are championing Green Friday; planting a tree for every single booking you make this week!

Alongside this, here are some of our current providers who are championing sustainability:

HardBar plant a tree for every delicious bar you buy. They're also a member of 1% For The Planet, meaning they donate at least one percent of their annual sales to environmental causes.

Vitl's supplements are all non-GMO and 100% free from synthetic fillers. They always use the most bioavailable nutrients such as sustainably-harvested krill oil instead of cod liver oil, and you can return your packaging to be recycled.

Botanical Therapy's beautiful relaxation and sleep well wellbeing boxes only include all-natural, sustainable, vegan products.