Em’s Review of Heka’s Yoga Experiences

A quick summary:

As a trained yoga teacher with a keen interest in mindfulness, I’m always looking for new opportunities to improve my practice. Luckily for me, Heka has provided the perfect space to explore new styles of yoga and connect with like-minded yogis!

Yoga is a diverse practice, with many different classes specialising in improving different aspects of physical and mental health. With this in mind, we’ve been sure to onboard a selection of yoga experiences to cater to all of your yogi preferences.

Here are a few of my favourite yoga experiences on Heka for you to enjoy:


Ema Yoga

Yoga has been part of Emma's life for over 27 years throughout growing up and raising her 4 boys, she puts this down to her Indian heritage.

Emma's Yoga journey has led her to teach Yoga Classes and Yoga Trapeze Classes in her own unique, disciplined but light-hearted way.

Join one of Emma's online classes for £5 and experience a unique session of Hatha, Mandala Vinyasa and Yin Yoga.

Pineapple Dance Studios Yoga/Dance fusion class

Pineapple Studios - Yoga Dance Fusion

The world-famous Pineapple Dance Studios is offering Heka users access to their Dance Yoga Fusion classes.

These funky classes incorporate elements of Tai Chi, contemporary dance, pilates and yoga, to open and energise the body.

I'm by no means a dancer, but I can't wait to get my groove on for this unique class!

Disco Yoga

Disco Yoga

The ultimate mood-lifting experience! In all my yogi days I’ve never experienced anything quite like Disco Yoga.

These all-levels-welcome classes are for all the disco lovers, yoga aficionados and first-timers looking for a new way to unwind and socialise virtually.

Team disco yoga is on a mission to never take life, disco, or yoga too seriously, and provide a guaranteed giggle, which we could all benefit from during these testing times.

Sophie's Yin & Yang Yoga classes

Yin & Yang yoga

Sophie’s Yin & Yang classes offer a unique yoga experience combining slow-paced elements of Yin yoga with the more dynamic aspects of Vinyasa yoga.

The class begins with a Vinyasa flow, aiming to strengthen and tone the body with dynamic movement to funky tunes! The class finishes with a well deserved restorative practice where you’ll hold stretches for a longer period of time and connect with mindful breathing.

5 (4)

Candlelit Yoga

The wonderful Kelly Brooks runs a candlelit yoga class every Monday evening.

This 60-min class combines breathing techniques, and restorative poses and is the perfect way to relax and unwind after a busy day. this Monday evening class. The longer stretches and relaxing setting will allow your body to stretch passively and let go of any built-up tension.


3 (4)-1

Digme Yoga

Digme's yoga classes combine powerful breath with powerful movements, working your strength and flexibility in equal measure. You can expect a traditional Yoga range of movement with a dynamic flow to raise your heart rate, and improve mental clarity.

Chose from a Power, Flow, Yin, Breathwork or Pregnancy yoga class at their studio in Oxford or one of their 4 studios based across London.

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Prittie Yoga

Emily's clients have described her classes as "Balm for the Soul".

"Yoga is an incredible healing modality for our physical bodies and our mental health". Emily works techniques into her classes that leave her students feeling empowered to take care of their health on and off the mat.

Emily's currently running Covid Vaccination Alignment classes designed to support your immune system and wellbeing before and after the coronavirus vaccine.

Stephen Marks Yoga

1-1 sessions

Joining your first yoga class can be intimidating. 1-1 sessions can be a great way to build confidence whilst you learn the basics correctly.

I’ve personally invested in 1-1 classes to gain insight into other teachers practice, helping me to perfect technique and pick up tips I might otherwise miss in a group class.

We have several private yoga teachers available through Heka including:

Empowering Yoga - 1-1 yoga sessions
Gilti Yoga - 1-1 sessions & 1-month yoga course
Stephen Marks Yoga - 60-minute 1-1 yoga sessions

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Yoga equipment

Alongside the huge selection of yoga experiences, we’ve recently introduced some yoga products to Heka for you to enjoy, including:

- Terragrip yoga mats

- Yoga mat bags

- Pro yoga mats

Feel free to reach out with any questions about our yoga providers, I’m always happy to help.