On Your Feet Britain! πŸƒπŸ½β€β™€οΈπŸƒπŸ½β€β™‚οΈ

A quick summary:

The 29th April marks the official day of On Your Feet Britain 2021. This is the day to get Britain standing, and unites the nation against prolonged sitting in the workplace. Your challenge is to #Move More and #SitLess - in anyway that you can!

Reducing sedentary behaviour as much as possible is a way that every workplace and individual can improve mental and physical health, and your overall wellbeing. Getting up and moving about is more important than ever during the covid-19 pandemic we are currently enduring, and working from home for over a year has most certainly made most of us more sedentary!

Here at Heka we love to promote a healthy, balanced lifestyle using our three pillars of health: physical, mental and lifestyle. We encourage our team to get up and about as much as they like; taking longer lunches to pop for a walk or do other types of exercise, taking internal meetings whilst standing up or on a walk, and finishing early to go out and be active.

Here are some other fantastic ideas to encourage yourself, friends, family or team members to get up and about:

  • Run a lunchtime fitness session with some team members, or book a group session on Heka to complete together.

  • Fitbit have a 'Team Challenge' feature, meaning you can challenge your team mates with with exercises, and completing the most steps!

  • Or there's also WithU an audio fitness app that acts as a personal trainer and allows you to train anywhere and anytime. Complete challenges and workouts together with your friends or team mates.

  • Make sure to take regular breaks from your computer! Stand up, have a good stretch and a walk around your home or work place.

  • Use the stairs more, if you have any at home or in the office of course!

  • Organise a lunchtime walk. If your friend lives near or if your housemates are home, pop for a walk with them. Have a mutual agreement with a team member to go on a walk at the same time as them, or even jump on a phone call with them whilst walking!

  • Why not volunteer yourself or appoint someone to be a Workplace Champion to lead and coordinate your team’s On Your Feet mission?

These are just a few suggestions to get yourself and others up and moving! To conjure up some idea of your own, have a look at what the other great offerings we have here.