5 tips to perfect your home workout routine

A quick summary:

Summer is here and lockdown is due to end in just a few days (thankfully!). Although the gyms have reopened, many of us have decided to continue working out from home. Super convenient, often more affordable than monthly gym memberships and no one there to count your burpees - the benefits really do speak for themselves.

But how can you improve your home workout? What’s the best way to avoid injury? And how can you keep pushing yourself without the accountability and engagement from an influencer?

Here’s our 5 top tips to perfect your home workout routine.


Before you do anything, it’s essential that you warm up properly before each workout. Mainly because it'll help you avoid injury during the workout. But also because there’s a direct link between how prepared you are for exercise and how you perform during the workout.

A thorough warm up will enable you to work harder and burn more calories.


Imagine you’re Rocky and you’re running up those steps. The music swells. It’s aspirational. Inspirational. Motivational. It (almost) makes you want to get up and go for a run yourself!

Never underestimate the role and power of music when exercising. Whatever your soundtrack, make sure it matches the tempo and energy of your workout.


This is the science behind the workout. Here at Let’s Go Wellbeing, our At Home Live HIIT Workouts use the Tabata Protocol - a method scientifically proven to improve V02 Max & Anaerobic Threshold. Which means, you’ll burn a high number of calories in a shorter space of time due to the intensity during the workout.

The point is, you need to be clear on the benefits of the protocol you’re using - making sure it’s relevant to what you want to achieve from the workout.


Factor in and make time for a proper post workout cool down - including breathing exercises and static stretches.

This will not only help you avoid injury but also help you relieve the lactic that will have built up during the workout.

It also helps speed up your body’s recovery over the days that follow.


This is the principle that ‘Intensity Squares With Time’. Or in other words, the longer you workout, the lower the intensity you’ll be able to maintain over that time.

It’s the same reason why you might not want to do 3 hours on a Spin Bike or Hill Sprinting.

At Let’s Go Wellbeing, we base our live workouts on 4 principles.

1. Balance & Coordination

2. Explosive Strength

3. Core Stability

4. Aerobic Output

To get a fully balanced full body workout you need to use multiple types of strength across multiple planes of movement.

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