Raise burnout awareness and help employees detach from work with these strategies

A quick summary:

Svetlana Elfimova, co-founder of WeWell Consulting tells us about the importance of raising burnout awareness, as well as practical strategies to make employees feel connected and empowered to detach from work.  

We discuss:

  • The importance of raising burnout awareness and practical initiatives to do this.
  • How leaders can help employees detach from work (especially in a remote working context).
  • The impact of psychological wellbeing on job performance.
  • Addressing the issue of low morale and employees feeling disconnected.
  • Overcoming the obstacles to cultural shift in the organisation.

About Svetlana:

Svetlana Elfimova is the Head of Organizational Development at Red Square International, as well as the co-founder of WeWell Consulting, an initiative which supports employee wellbeing through online programmes.

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