Seven Tips for Making the Most of Your Morning Routine

A quick summary:

The first things you do when you wake up can define your whole day, so it’s essential that you make those first minutes of your day count. Your morning routine should wake you up, energize you, and provide you with the long-lasting verve to do everything on your schedule. Here are seven tips for creating such a routine.

Rise and shine

Making it a habit to wake up early, before most people generally do. Not only will this give you more time to deal with your tasks for the day, but also the peace and quiet you need to concentrate. If you wake up early enough, there will be nobody to disturb you or interfere with your work, goal-setting, or simply taking some time to yourself. Before the morning gets hectic and you have to point your attention towards other people and situations. Even if you use this time for a cup of coffee or a workout session, it will be well used. It will provide a healthy foundation for a successful work day.

Avoid screens

Even if you’re surrounded by various screens most of the time, there’s no reason to start your day by focusing on them. Going through your text messages, social network accounts or emails will soon turn your morning into worrying about what other people think, want or need. So, in order to avoid the frenzy of dealing with others’ opinions before you’ve had the time to think about your own needs and desires, choose to start your day calmly, constructively and positively, and stay cheerful by paying more attention to your body and mind, rather than to your phone, tablet or laptop.

Be physically active

Starting your day with a physical activity promotes good overall health. It clears your negative thoughts and provides you with the energy you need to finish all your tasks by the end of the day. This is why it’s essential to fit your workout into your morning routine, even if it means waking up a bit earlier. If you don’t think you’re fit enough to be physically active, there are always ways to exercise safely, regardless of your fitness level. Go jogging outside. Do some exercises in your bedroom or backyard. Take 15 minutes for some core workout, if that’s all the time you can spare.

Have breakfast

They don’t say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day for no reason. Having breakfast is extremely important for your productiveness, since a healthy morning meal will contribute to your high energy levels, boost your short-term memory and give you better focus that lasts longer. If you’re hungry, you can get slow and sloppy, so have eggs and wholegrain toast, or cereals with fresh fruit, nuts or cinnamon, and some almond milk or low-fat yogurt for breakfast. This way you’ll be full and won’t be distracted by your growling stomach while you take on the work ahead of you.

Take time to reflect

It’s a good idea to take some time for yourself and reflect or meditate in the morning, so that you can consider your past experiences, whether they’re good or bad, and view them as lessons for self-improvement. This can make you serene and enlighten you. You can combine this part of your morning routine with your usual cup of tea or coffee, since combining something enjoyable with something beneficial to your prosperity can only make you more thoughtful and successful.

Don’t procrastinate

Managing your time is an art. It can make time your friend or your foe. Procrastination and multitasking wasters your valuable time. As does moving from one task to another without actually being done with either one of them. Figure out exactly what you have to do and stay devoted to one task until you can cross it from your to-do list, so that your time is spent effectively and you manage to achieve all the goals you had set for that work day.

Make a schedule

Creating a schedule or a timetable is another great way of managing your time, which is something you need to do to best in order to be successful. Once you put all your daily obligations, deadlines and goals on paper or screen, you’re able to visualize them, so that it’s easier to stick to your schedule. Plus, once you start crossing out the things you’ve already done and see your progress clearly, you’ll have more will to handle the assignments that are left. If you manage to create a morning routine that lifts your spirits, makes you creative and strong enough to deal with any situation set before you, you’ll be paving your way towards success and happiness.