7 wellness trends for 2022

A quick summary:

As the wellness industry continues to skyrocket, each year we see more and more wellness experiences, products and services brought to the table - 2022 is set to be no exception to this.

The spotlight that COVID-19 has placed on the importance of employee wellness and the innovative ways to provide employee wellness solutions, is definitely here to stay. The concept of wellness itself (more specifically how we define wellness) also appears to be broadening, making room for a more diverse array of categories to come into the light.

Here’s Heka’s top 7 wellness trends to watch in 2022.

Hypnotherapy apps

Leave any preconceptions behind - hypnotherapy is not as scary or as drastic as you may think. One of the most popular forms of hypnotherapy, self hypnosis, is similar to guided meditation and can be performed by you in the comfort of your own home via hypnotherapy wellness apps. Benefits include improved sleep, boosted confidence, reduced anxiety, and imposter syndrome support.

Heka recommends: Clementine App

Family planning

Planning for the future, trying to conceive or adopt, or just curious about sexual wellness, the demand for employee family planning services is on the rise. Starting a family can be a difficult, stressful and emotional time, with a damaging effect on overall wellbeing. Now around 90% of employees facing fertility challenges leave their jobs for companies offering fertility benefits - which has forced employers to become more mindful of family planning and supporting those in need.

Heka recommends: Fertifa Fertility

Financial wellbeing

Financial wellbeing is set to be one of the biggest wellness trends of 2022. Feeling financially stable plays an important role in overall wellbeing and therefore, shouldn’t be overlooked. Easy to use, accessible and affordable financial wellbeing services continue to break into the market, helping people make more well informed decisions with their money. Tools and techniques range from simple saving challenges and spending tracking to virtual asset management and bespoke wealth management plans.

Heka recommends: Best Intentions

Female health

It’s time to break the female health taboo and normalise open workplace discussions. The abolition of the tampon tax in the UK and the introduction of menopause leave by influential organisations such as Kellogg’s and ASOS has propelled female health and women’s wellness into the spotlight this year. Like any other health issues, menopause, periods and sexual health testing can cause an incredible amount of stress and anxiety, which naturally impact on workplace presence.

Heka recommends: Syrona Health

Community building

The last two years highlighted the importance of community like never before. As we begin to settle into new normality, the focus on community building continues to grow in the wellness space. From cooking to running and everything in between, wellness clubs and societies bring people together, boost confidence and strengthen interpersonal skills.

Heka recommends: Heka Racers & Heka Kitchen

Breathwork Training

Breathing moderates our mood and helps us relax when feeling overwhelmed. As an extension of yoga practice, breathwork training has been around for decades, but has recently gained considerable traction in the wellness space. Breathwork exercises are specially designed for conscious and connected breathing, to soothe the mind, body and soul - providing an effective coping mechanism for anytime and anywhere.

Heka recommends: Digme Breathwork Training

Mood tracking

Acknowledging your mood over time is not only therapeutic, but provides perspective and clarity. In taking a step back and looking at the bigger picture, you may be able to find patterns in your behaviour or recognise your progress. In practice, this can be done with wellness apps, wellness journals or by talking to a trusted colleague, family member or friend. Heka understands the importance of checking in for happier and healthier employees. With a few simple wellness questions, Heka can get to know you better and recommend the personalised wellness products, services and experiences.

Heka recommends: Heka Check-In

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