What’s NEW on Heka

A quick summary:

We're very excited to share some new additions to Heka with you!

With everything from all-body workout kits to fitness transformation programmes, we're continuing to add a variety of experiences to cater to all of your wellness interests.


The DeROSE Method is a fusion of powerful techniques including physical, breathing and meditation practices – and philosophical concepts, inspired by ancient traditions. This programme will increase your strength, flexibility and emotional wellbeing.

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Beihai Tai Chi offer 1-1 Tai Chi and 1-1 Chi Kung classes. Trained in Finland and China, Tero Hynynen (Beihai) is a Life Coach with a background in nutritional therapy, herbal medicine, art therapy, yoga, reiki, and Franklian psychotherapy. Whether your goal is to lower stress levels, cultivate inner peace, boost the immune system, increase flexibility or core strength - these 1-1 sessions will be tailored to match your individual needs.

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Join a Keep It Conscious yin yoga class to connect with yourself and switch off from the noise for an hour.  This class focuses on breathwork, parasympathetic activation, release of tension and juicy, yawn-y stretches! Over time, this practice will help you stay present in difficult situations and increase your capacity to fully experience the inspiring and nourishing ones.

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NUK SOO is a body & mind transformation program by renowned Celebrity Trainer Dan Roberts. This virtual coaching experience is a fusion of Martial arts striking, athletic conditioning drills, mindset lessons and is based on the work Dan does preparing Hollywood actors for action roles. This groundbreaking online programme will teach you many new skills, dramatically tone and firm your body and awaken your warrior spirit 💪


Brighton Pilates is a comprehensive on-demand Pilates platform with a huge selection of Pilates classes suitable for all ages and abilities, including pregnancy workouts and workouts specifically designed for those with limited mobility.


U-Shape is a mobile personal training company running fun fitness classes both online and in Battersea Park suitable for all fitness levels. They're also offering private personal training sessions, giving you the opportunity to work on muscle imbalances, strengthening, flexibility or stress-busting exercises directly tailored for you.


Ema Yoga runs 45-60 minute yoga classes for only £5 throughout the week. Emma’s classes incorporate Hatha, Mandala Vinyasa and Yin Yoga to stretch, tone, warm the body and boost metabolism. These yoga classes are designed to be accessible for anyone - of any age, flexibility or ability level. So if you are new to Yoga or looking for a greater challenge, then these classes are for you.

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EmFit's all-body workout kit is such a versatile set containing an adjustable resistance band, a pair of core slider discs, and an adjustable jump rope to help you improve your cardio or warm-up before your workout.

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Linda Munster is offering personalised 30-minute nutritional consultations. These sessions are designed to motivate you to successfully integrate healthy eating into your busy schedule and for you to understand how it impacts your health and performance. Linda will review your current eating patterns and help you to construct a meal plan based on your personal goals.

NEW Heka memberships!

If you receive monthly Heka credits from your employer, can now use this towards a membership with one of our providers.

Our popular fitness provider One Element is now offering Gold and Silver membership plans. This is a great option to save some pennies whilst rapidly improve your cardio, strength and muscular toning.

🏅 Silver Membership: For £20 p/m you will gain access to 8 live online sessions each month. That's less than £2 per class!

🏅Gold Membership: For £30 p/m you will get an unlimited pass to as many of One Element's live sessions as you like and access to their bank of recorded online sessions for you to fit in around your schedule.

Everybody has a different sweetspot when it comes to health and wellness, and we’re always looking for ways to help you find yours.

If you’d like to see an additional experience, venue or wellness product on Heka, let us know here and we’ll do everything we can to make it happen.