Why Heka is the best employee benefit platform to engage your remote team

A flexible and inclusive employee benefit platform designed to engage your virtual team. Give your workforce access to 1,000s of well-being experiences from home-workouts to nutrition plans, sleep consultations to life coaching. Integrate our platform into your workplace culture as your team returns to the office to help ease anxieties about real life re-starting.

1. Join the community, encourage a positive workplace culture

Our growing network of wellness warriors will inspire your team to explore, discover and commit to an energising and fulfilling well-being lifestyle.

Employees can catch-up with colleagues during a private well-being workshop, meet other members of our community in one of our scheduled live classes or share an experience with their loved ones using our “bring a friend” feature.

2. Stay attuned to employee welfare

Isolation measures and work from home fatigue pose a significant risk for the mental and physical health of your team. It is crucial that you can monitor and measure employee wellbeing and provide support as needed.

Use your personalised company dashboard to track employee engagement, get an insight into the most popular wellness experiences, discover the ideal social for your virtual team and get a true understanding of the ways in which you can support your people’s well-being.

3. Empower your people, facilitate a healthy work-life balance

Undeniably, one of the biggest challenges of working from home is  managing a healthy work-life balance. Our weekly timetable of live classes and diverse portfolio of on-demand experiences increase employee motivation by helping your team to plan and commit to an ongoing routine.

Whether it is a live yoga session in the morning or a stress-management workshop at lunchtime, Heka is designed to create a sense of accountability and accomplishment, and facilitate a much-needed work-life balance, particularly as many companies move into hybrid working.

4. Support UK businesses, we are very together

Our community of providers is almost entirely made up of independent boutiques, trainers and therapists. Their unconditional commitment to wellness has resulted in unique experiences designed for a home-environment and, in many cases, focused on empowering individuals to overcome the current challenges.

At Heka we firmly believe that through supporting each other, we can not only survive, but emerge from this situation even stronger.