Why Heka is the best employee benefit platform to engage your remote team

A quick summary:

The pandemic has forced a lot of people to work from home, with nearly 46.6% of those in employment doing some of their work from home during April 2020. 

Of those, 86% did so due to the COVID-19 pandemic - figures that are very unfamiliar to the preceding years.  

However, as business leaders, HR professionals and individuals, we must keep moving forward in changing and challenging times. 

And that’s exactly why we built Heka, the only platform your employees need to take back control of their health and wellbeing.

Heka, which translates to “magic” or “magical power” in ancient Egyptian is a flexible and inclusive employee benefits platform designed to engage your virtual team.

Through our wellbeing platform, your remote team has access to 1,000s of experiences from home-workouts to nutrition plans, sleep consultations to life coaching.

What’s more, members can filter these by category, price, delivered to the doorstep, or by virtual experience. So, for those working remotely, there really is something for everyone. 

Heka doesn’t just have to be yet another incentive for employees. Health and wellbeing should be encouraged in your workplace culture both through and outside of our employee benefit platform.  

As your team returns to the office, it’s important HR professionals help ease anxiety and stress for employees. It’s easy said than done, but a compassionate and empathetic approach will help tremendously. 

Below, we’ve covered 5 reasons why Heka is the best employee benefit platform for your remote team; by the end of this post, you will have a greater understanding of why many HR professionals use Heka.

1. Join the community, encourage a positive workplace culture

Our growing network of Wellness Warriors will inspire your team to explore, discover and commit to an energising and fulfilling wellbeing lifestyle.

Employees can catch-up with colleagues during a private wellbeing workshop, meet other members of our community in one of our scheduled live classes or share an experience with their loved ones using our “bring a friend” feature.

Through our Wellness Warriors community, we’ve made it our mission to share the latest in employee engagement, mental health and employee morale and motivation. 

HR professionals and business leaders can gain first-hand experience with like-minded people best practices, insights and fresh ideas in the HR world. 

After all, what better way is there to promote health and wellbeing in your team than to receive regular newsletters in your inbox?

2. Stay attuned to employee welfare

With everyone working from home, isolation and loneliness have skyrocketed in the past year. Not only this, but many of those working remotely have also suffered from video-call fatigue and the lack of face-to-face interaction. 

This poses a significant risk for the mental and physical health of your team. It is crucial that you can monitor and measure employee wellbeing and provide support as needed. In our blog post 7 ways to prepare remote teams for returning to the office, we outline how to ease the situation for those working remotely.

However, through Heka itself, members can use a personalised company dashboard to track employee engagement, get an insight into the most popular wellness experiences, discover the ideal social for your virtual team and get a true understanding of the ways in which you can support your people’s wellbeing.

It’s robust features like these above that enable Heka to really offer HR professionals and leaders the tools to manage and improve employee wellbeing.

After all, if you can’t be sure if your employees are using an employee benefits platform, how can you be sure your offering the right employee benefits scheme.

3. Empower your people, facilitate a healthy work-life balance

According to the Independent, 4 in 10 employees say their lifestyle has deteriorated since being based at home, with 3 in 10 struggling to switch off from work.

This undeniably signals one of the biggest challenges of working from home. However, our weekly timetable of live classes and diverse portfolio of on-demand experiences continues to grow.

With more and more partners joining our employee benefits platform every month, helping your team to plan and commit to an ongoing routine and better work-life balance remotely has never been easier.

Whether it is a live yoga session in the morning or a stress-management workshop at lunchtime, Heka is designed to create a sense of accountability and accomplishment, and facilitate a much-needed work-life balance, particularly as many companies move into hybrid working.

Through Heka’s check-in questionnaire, Heka offers even more precision with health and wellbeing recommendations. This enables your employees to get the very best for them when it comes to the 1000s of wellbeing experiences, products and services available. 

Positive change all starts with our habits, so it’s important to empower your employees through transforming company culture too. 

Heka alone can’t take care of a toxic working culture that doesn’t promote or encourage a healthier work-life balance. Start facilitating a healthier, happier workforce through culture and Heka for the best results!

4. An employee benefit platform that supports U.K. businesses

When you choose Heka as your employee benefits platform, you’re choosing a community of providers almost entirely made up of U.K. independent boutiques, trainers and therapists.

It's their unconditional commitment to wellness has resulted in unique experiences designed for a home environment through Heka.

One that focuses on empowering individuals to overcome the current challenges with their mental and physical health.

At Heka we firmly believe that through supporting each other, we can not only survive, but emerge from this situation even stronger, and thrive.

It’s through Heka, that you as an employer is able to support healthier, happier employees and U.K. based businesses all at the same time.

#5 A remote-first employee benefits platform

As all leaders know, keeping employee engagement, morale high, while minimising employee turnover isn’t the easiest thing to do. 

It requires ongoing analysis and improvement of all employee benefits and incentives; along with ensuring employees have a sense of purpose and a clear path for career progression.

Now apply all of those responsibilities to remote working teams, and suddenly leaders are faced with a range of new challenges altogether. 

However, there’s less to worry about when you choose Heka as your employee benefits platform, as we have always been a remote-first platform.

It’s through Heka that thousands of employees are able to access virtual yoga sessions, therapy consultations and on-demand fitness videos. 

And yet, this is simply in addition to our many more in-person and on-site health, fitness and wellbeing experiences. 

Unfortunately, not every employee benefit platform providers delivery or virtual and on-demand experiences and services, and that’s exactly where we believe we are different!

Choosing Heka as your employee benefits platform

As you can see from the five points above, there’s a lot going for our employee benefit platform when it comes to remote employee wellbeing.

We continue to become the number one choice for HR professionals throughout the U.K. when it comes to taking care of health and wellbeing from a distance. 

As 2020 has proven, employees can work just as efficiently if not more, when working from home. 

Moving through 2021, remote and hybrid working models dominated the job market with thousands of people looking for new opportunities elsewhere.

Employee benefits are moving at a much quicker pace than ever before, and we want to be at the forefront of this, as a new workforce begins to prioritise health and wellbeing. 

Through Heka, your employees are able to access everything from chat-based remote therapy sessions, sleep consultation, healthy meal deliveries, subsidised fitness and gym memberships, vitamin and food supplements and so much more. 

What’s more, we continue to add new partners all the time to our employee benefits platform, and continue to receive great reviews from businesses who see their teams thriving. 

If you’d like to learn more, take a look around and see what Heka has to offer. Alternatively, if you already know how Heka can benefit your business, speak with one of our wellbeing experts today for a demo of the Heka platform.

Download our return to the office survey

We couldn’t leave without mentioning our ‘returning to the office’ survey. Our 15 question survey helps HR professionals and business leaders to collect feedback and insight into their employees’ thoughts when it comes to the following:

  • Employee wellbeing
  • Anxiety and stress
  • Flexible working arrangements preferences
  • Employee and manager relationships
  • Workplace culture

It’s through these answers that employers are able to effectively return their team back to the office with the least disruption to business possible. 

It’s important to return to the office with compassion and empathy for some of your team who may be struggling mentally.

In addition to the 15 questions, we’ve compiled 5 pages of actionable insights on how to tackle the common problems your team’s answers will highlight. 

We wish you the best with your return to the office! 

Download our free survey here!

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