How to become an 'employer for life': supporting parents in the workplace

8 Jun
12:00 pm

Everyone's parenthood journey is different. As employers, we must educate ourselves on how to support each and every one.

On 8th June Emma Jarvis and Natalie Parsons, Founders of the Parent Promise Collective, will join us for an interactive webinar on 'how to support parents in the workplace'. This session will include:

  • What is an 'employer for life'?
  • Why parents are important for your business
  • Practical ways to support new and expectant parents from the beginning of their journey and beyond
  • A live Q&A with your chance to ask any questions you may have

We want to create a session to equip you with the skills to support yourself and others experiencing all stages of parenthood. Leave feeling confident in doing exactly that.

Save your seat now.


This event has started! Check back soon for the on-demand version.