Making inclusive employee benefits work

29 Nov
12:00 pm

Heka is delighted to be joined by not only one, but two incredible speakers to discuss inclusive employee benefits.

We'll be joined by employee benefits expert Jack Curzon, and Head of People at Balderton Capital, Chantal Cantle, for an interactive session covering:

  • The importance of flexibility in employee benefit provision
  • How life events and the health pathway impact employee benefit provision
  • Case study: Balderton Capital - the importance of wellbeing, practical implementation of change and results

There will be an anonymous Q&A after the session, to help you get the most out of the information discussed and ask Jack and Chantal any questions you may have.

Leave with a newfound understanding of how to support employees throughout their careers and with practical advice on how to make change happen.


This event has started! Check back soon for the on-demand version.