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Heka partners with a huge variety of high-quality experience providers. Ensuring every individual employee has the mental, physical and lifestyle support they need.

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Wellness providers on Heka - Hello Fresh, Scentered, FIIT, Mindful Chef, Fitbit, Barry's Bootcamp, Vitl, Healing Clouds, Victus Soul, Detox Kitchen, Aura, Digme

We believe that one little thing leads to another. To a small feeling, a good memory, a thought held onto before sleep. That can lead to a small change, then larger and larger and larger into a real change...

With this in mind, we choose every studio and venue. Every trainer, therapist and coach. And every routine and workshop. So that Heka can be your opening to what has always been there but now has a chance to come out.

Experience all of these and so much more

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Be inspired every day. Refer your company and we’ll take care of the rest.


“Heka have been a brilliant addition to our wellbeing benefit. The platform provides a broad range of choice in terms of activity and location. The team are great, always on hand to help me as the office representative and also each individual who has signed up. They make wellbeing easy!”

MoneySuperMarket wellbeing champion