Gym memberships have never been so simple.

Welcome to a new era of workplace wellbeing. As HR professionals, you hold the key to creating a healthier, happier, and more productive workforce.

Explore the myriad benefits of providing gym memberships for your employees and unlock their full potential.

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Energize your workforce,
with quality exercise.

Physical well-being is not just about appearances; it's the cornerstone of a resilient and energetic workforce. Invest in gym memberships that grant your team access to top-notch fitness facilities. Witness them becoming more energized, physically resilient, and better prepared to tackle the day's demands.

Help your teams stay fit and healthy on the go.

Not everyone wants to stay physically fit the same way. That's why you can also support your team's physical fitness digitally too with Heka.

Equip your employees with cutting-edge fitness apps that put their physical health in their own hands. From workout plans to progress tracking, these tools empower them to take control of their fitness journey.

Personal training to take fitness to the next level.

Through Heka, your employees can get access to personal trainers to navigate fitness challenges, set goals and get the support they need during their fitness journey.

Whether in-person or virtual classes, we have something to suit everybody on Heka.

Sculpt bodies and minds with  mindful exercise.

Introduce your team to the practice of mindful exercise and yoga. We've partnered with yoga instructors across the country offering in-person and virtual yoga experiences to help your employees manage stress, enhance focus, and promote physical and mental wellbeing.

A healthier, more
active team.

By supporting your employees with their physical health in the many different ways that they prefer you'll find a happier, healthier and more productive workforce.

Enhance your company culture and attract top talent with a comprehensive fitness support package.

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