Mental health support has never been so inclusive

Welcome to a new era of workplace wellbeing. As HR professionals, you hold the key to creating a healthier, happier, and more productive workforce.

Explore the benefits of providing mental health support for your employees and unlock their full potential.

Free mental wellbeing consultations on Heka

The last thing you need if you're suffering with your mental health is complexity. That's why your employees have unlimited access to free mental health 1:1 consultations on Heka.

Our expert partners are here to provide a safe space for your employees to take their first steps towards better mental health.

Better feeling minds

We all work in different and complex ways. Whether your employees prefer meditation apps, mental health tracking, or in-person therapy, they can find it all on Heka.

Here's some of the mental health partners employees can find on Heka.

“We don’t have any other wellbeing benefits because Heka has it all.”

Shakira Beach, People Director

The Goat Agency, a WPP company

“Heka is a no brainer”

Chantel Cantle, Balderton Capital’s Head of People said that. And it’s true! Here’s what you get with Heka vs what employers typically offer.

ROI = Really Obviously Incredible

Like your team, we like to be more than just numbers. But these are just too good not to share.


of employees feel their mental and physical health has improved since using Heka.


of companies using Heka say that it’s good value for money.


of companies say Heka positively impacts their company culture.

Trust our users

We’re the highest rated employee benefit.

Wellness in One!

“A fantastic platform for all health, wellness and fitness outlets. I personally use it for the gym and trying out new things such as pottery classes!”

I absolutely love HEKA

“It's like a wellbeing wonderland!! I've found that there's something for everyone and this isn't just a benefits platform, it's a game changer in employee care.”

Great monthly pick-me-up and team

“If I just got a cash bonus for the same amount I’d wouldn’t really notice it, but instead it’s so nice to have this allowance I *have* to spend on myself, on something that’ll make me feel good.”

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It's time for wellbeing to mean something

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