What's your company's employee wellbeing score?

A strong employee wellbeing strategy is crucial in the modern workplace. Find out whether your company puts employee needs first; the key to better retention, engagement and more.

To help you better understand your current workplace wellbeing efforts, we’ve designed a 15-question quiz. Each question aims to identify your leadership qualities and approach to wellbeing in the workplace.

Once you’ve answered each question, you’ll receive a rating from 0 to 100. Our team will then send you an email with some recommendations and tips for creating a more robust wellbeing strategy.

Ultimately, if we can provide you with some great advice based on your score, you can focus on creating healthier, happier employees.

  • Who should take this employee wellbeing quiz?
  • This quiz aims to help leaders and HR professionals. You’ll find that these 15 questions revolve around people management, approaches to wellbeing benefits and
  • more. If that isn’t you, why not forward this survey to someone else in your organisation?

What kind of questions can I expect?

To help you understand what kind of questions this quiz entails, we’ve added the first three below. That way, you can decide before completing this questionnaire, whether it’s right for you or not.

  • Our wellbeing approach constantly evolves to meet employee needs
  • We offer wellbeing days in addition to annual leave
  • Our wellbeing strategy aligns with our benefits package

What should I do after completing this quiz?

After you’ve finished this quick quiz, it’s worth revisiting your current wellbeing strategy for any gaps that can be improved. Because there’s always room for improvement, of course!

Whilst our email will provide you with some great advice and strategies, your score should be the beginning of transforming your approach to wellbeing. Ask yourself the following questions after you’ve finished our employee wellbeing score quiz:

  • What questions highlight gaps and flaws in our wellbeing strategy?
  • How can we be active in improving our strategy after this quiz?
  • Have we considered carrying out a staff wellbeing survey?
  • Can we action any of the ideas from the email received afterwards?

What are you waiting for, try our wellbeing score quiz!

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