Q1 Employee Wellbeing Report 2023

It’s the beginning of a new year. A fresh start for leaders to explore the might of workplace wellbeing. But rather than throwing budgets down the drain, it’s important to know where to invest.

The solution? Our Q1 Employee Wellbeing Trends! It’s in this handy guide that leaders can cut out hours of research and start getting it right when it comes to employee happiness.

Spread across 21 stunning pages, our team of wellbeing experts deliver all the insights and data that powered Heka in Q1 of 2023.

We look at the rise of outdoor activities, the explosion of learning and development and some predictions for the next couple of months.

Our users are great indicators of hyper-relevant trends in workplace wellbeing, and that’s exactly why we want to share these findings with your leadership team.

What will I learn from this resource?

What good is a resource if you’re not improving processes and strategies in your organisation? Below are just a few ways you’ll benefit from this downloadable piece of wisdom!

  • The power of L&D for people and organisations
  • Why nutrition is an ongoing priority for employees
  • How our outdoor experiences are shaping up in 2023
  • What makes yoga such a staple for any wellbeing journey
  • Our predictions for the next few months

These are just some of the things we’ve covered in this quarterly report. And with that said, start planning for a healthier, happier future for your team.

Don’t miss out on this free resource! Download your copy today.

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