How Heka is helping employees feel their best

Heka exists to help companies make their teams feel valued. Read Heka reviews and learn how Heka helps companies improve the wellbeing of their teams.

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“Heka supports our pledge to create a great place to work” – Finura

“We’ve seen a boost in team morale as a result of Heka” - Centtrip

“Definitely the best wellbeing perk for your employees” — Pod Talent

Jameson Legal: “Heka is the obvious choice for employee wellbeing”

Creative agency Creature hails Heka as the easiest and most diverse platform for employee benefits

“Our focus on wellbeing has definitely helped to bring our team closer together” — Rostrum

Stakester: Supporting the holistic health of a global workforce

How a co-working space is taking care of employees during Covid-19

How a UK communications provider is taking care of their employees

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