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Wellbeing is for life, not just for Christmas. Heka makes an impact on employees’ lives every day, not once a year.

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“I wouldn’t have run a half marathon without Heka — thank you.”


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Rhea N.

It is such a diverse and unique concept where everyone has access to something that can support their lifestyle. It has been a delight watching other colleagues use the platform and come back with great stories of what they have experienced, I highly recommend!

Zack H.

Love heka. So far I’ve Tried pottery and had a physio session to help with back pain. 100% recommend

Emily B.

By far the best company perk I’ve ever been given. Fantastic choice of experiences to spend monthly credits on and super easy to use site! I now go to my weekly spin class for free. What more could you ask for?


I love Heka as an addition to my employee benefits! So many nourishing choices for wellbeing. Customer service has always been fantastic as well. Thanks guys!!

Chantal C.

The range of experiences available is amazing and means that 100% of our diverse team can find something that suits their lifestyle, age and interests.

Emily S.

I love using Heka, it gives me the opportunity to try out things that I would never normally do.


Really appreciate the wide variety of options available on the platform and the ease of it all! The customer service has also been very fast and efficient.

Chris S.

Heka is brilliant and a massive upgrade on just offering a free gym membership. The huge range of benefits means that every one of our team can find something that suits their needs and I've had a lot of positive feedback.

Joel S.

Heka is a great 'lil perk that my company gives us. People in the office are always discussing what they're going for that month, so much variety.

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of employees feel their mental and physical health has improved since using Heka.


of companies using Heka say that it’s good value for money.


of companies say Heka positively impacts their company culture.

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