Our wellbeing platform is making the world of work happier and healthier.

Read quotes and stories from the HR teams and employees that use Heka to support their wellbeing.

“Having a Heka allowance frees up the mental burden of assigning income to wellbeing activities. Which in turn helps me to prioritise my physical and mental wellbeing.”

— Heka member, 2023

"Through Heka I have been able to find a local masseuse who has really helped realigned my posture."

— Heka member, 2023

"I've improved skills and expanded learning and knowledge through a masterclass, I've purchased a salt lamp which has increased my mood & wellbeing."

— Heka member, 2023

"I have been able to take control of my physical health with physio appointments which is a load off my mind."

— Heka member, 2023

"Having a gym membership through Heka and going 3x weekly. Before I'd never step foot in a gym."

— Heka member, 2023


Our 2023 Customer Survey

Our customer service is the best in the game. And the results from our latest survey show how much our customers value the partnership they have with Heka.


of companies using Heka say that it's good value for money


of companies say Heka positively impacts their culture


say Heka is an inclusive benefit which solves the wellbeing needs of their entire team


of companies using Heka see themselves as customers in two years’ time

"Health and wellbeing is high on the agenda so it fulfils our promise to listen to feedback and to implement initiatives that we feel are important."

Chantal, Head of People
Balderton Capital
Heka customer since 2022

"Heka has proven to be a great approach to rewarding employees cutting out a lot of time and resources otherwise spent trying to achieve what the platform provides all-in-one."

Lauren, Head of HR
Heka customer since 2020

"One of the biggest differences we’ve seen since using Heka is that each employee can now look after themselves in a way that works perfectly for them."

Michael, Director of Resources and Development at Rostrum
Heka customer since 2020

"Compensation to us isn’t just salary. Salary pays the bills but benefits have to actually benefit the individual. We’re not a one size fits all company, so we wouldn’t want a one size fits all benefits package."

Laura, Employee Experience
Manager at Tumelo
Heka customer since 2022

"People are more than just the work that they do and we aim to recognise this. We are creating a workplace that attracts people and is where they will want to stay. Heka is a part of that."

Hannah, HR Manager
Heka customer since 2022

"Heka has been key in creating a reward package that differentiates us from competitors."

Laura, Head of People
Heka customer since 2022

Case studies

Read reviews of Heka and how Heka helps companies improve the health and wellbeing of their teams.

What our members say about Heka

The value that Heka provides to employees is what makes it stand out from every other benefit on the market. Here's what some of our member had to say about Heka.



of employees would be disappointed if their employer stopped their access to Heka


of employees feel their mental and physical health has improved since using Heka


employees say that Heka motivates them to try new things, which is proven to release dopamine and improve mental wellbeing

"I used my Heka reward to purchase a fit bit watch which is making me much more conscious about moving more, rsting more, drinking more and relaxing more."

"I have booked GP appointments on Heka for issues I would have  otherwise ignored."

"Through Heka I have been able to find a local masseuse who has really helped realigned my posture."

"Plants for my home have made for a lovely home environment and access to Hello Fresh has helped to ensure my family still get quality meals when money is tight in the current climate."

"I get stress relief at a gym which gives me a jacuzzi sauna pool, which I couldn't afford otherwise."

"The Crocus gardening package has helped me get out and focus on myself whilst gardening. Also the book tokens have given me the flexibility to learn new things."

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