“We’ve seen a boost in team morale as a result of Heka” - Centtrip

Since March 2020, the global pandemic has highlighted the need for better wellbeing practices not just with individuals, but also for employers who want to support their teams. We caught up with Centtrip’s Lauren Awonusi, Executive Assistant to the CEO, to see how Heka has helped their team feel happier, healthier, and more valued.

“In the height of the pandemic, we noticed our team were not only working from home, but in some circumstances, they were working in challenging situations. From juggling childcare, a lack of social interactions and trying to stay positive in a time of uncertainty, it was obvious that more needed to be done” Lauren explains. 

Centtrip made it their mission to provide employees with the opportunity to focus on their wellbeing through Heka, making the team's mental and physical health much more manageable working remotely. The result? A company culture that encourages open communication on mental and physical health. 

Lauren says, “Our team feels more confident in discussing their wellbeing with one another. We have a few big fans of the smoothie sets, mindfulness products, massage and beauty treatments. News spreads like wildfire when new partners are added to the Heka platform. It has really encouraged people to speak up and be open and we love hearing from our employees.” 

Employees feel much more rewarded 

“Before joining Heka, we put a number of remote activities and meetings in place to support employee collaboration and teamwork. However, rewarding employees now feels much easier through the large wellbeing offering available each month on Heka. Whether that’s through relaxation and meditation sessions, healthy meal delivery or cooking classes.” Because of this, employees can take time to focus on themselves and feel looked after even during challenging trading conditions. 

“Heka has proven to be a great approach to rewarding employees at Centtrip, cutting out a lot of time and resources otherwise spent trying to achieve what the platform provides all-in-one,” says Lauren, “and we’ve seen a boost in team morale as a result.”

An environment of openness and support

During challenging or uncertain times, it’s important for employees to communicate and support one another. The team at Centtrip has welcomed an “environment of openness and regularly discusses wellbeing, especially relating to mental and physical health.” Team members at Centtrip are always “sharing their wellbeing choices on Heka, and the news of Patch houseplants becoming available was a big hit with the team! We regularly get positive feedback from employees about Heka.” 

“An absolute dream to manage”

When asked about working with our customer service team at Heka, Lauren said, “After meeting with the team at Heka, we knew there was a good fit between the two companies to work together to better employee wellbeing”. 

“The team has found Heka’s platform to be very user-friendly and it’s an absolute dream to manage from our side. Our Heka Success Manager, Steffan, is always on hand to take care of everything we need.” This provides a very hands-off approach to employee wellbeing, and one that works well for Centtrip who continues to use Heka to empower their team. 

“The general feedback from everyone at Centtrip has been very positive and the benefits it provides are easy to see.” What started out as the answer to wellbeing in the height of the pandemic now works wonders as an on-going employee wellbeing programme. 

About Centtrip

Founded in 2015, fintech startup Centtrip is a multi-award-winning provider of smart treasury, foreign exchange and payment solutions to clients across a vast landscape of sectors including music, the arts, marine, aviation and Film & TV.

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