Creature: "The easiest and most diverse platform for employee benefits"

At a glance:

  • Instant improvement in health and lifestyle of team members
  • “Brilliant” ongoing support from the Heka team is “the icing on the cake”
  • 9/10 employees have actively used Heka since launching

London-based creative agency Creature has praised Heka for it’s ease of use and for showing instant impact on the wellbeing of their team. Becky Dale, Creature’s Office Manager, says that “this is the easiest system we use across the company. No one has ever struggled to set up an account or to use Heka, and there’s something for everyone which we get so many positive comments about from the team.”

Instant results 

Heka makes personalised recommendations to each individual based on their needs, from over 1,000 instantly available experiences. “The team have access to, and have been recommended, wellness experiences they would never have considered. I’ve had a lot of people mention how Heka has immediately improved their health and lifestyle.”

Engaging future leaders

The leadership at Creature understand the need for an attractive benefits package to support their employer brand. Many benefits, like health insurance or pension contributions, are important but seem to lack engagement among more junior employees. “Everyone in our team is super appreciative to have instant access to Heka’s experiences, especially those earlier in their careers.” Data from Heka supports this, showing that nearly 90% of employees have actively used Heka since launching.

Heka support

Becky also mentions the ongoing support Heka provides after launching, praising the “brilliant Heka account management team that I enjoy speaking to, who I’d like to thank for making it all so easy for us! From an administrative perspective, Heka is so easy anyway, so the excellent account support really is the icing on the cake.”

When asked about Creature’s future plans for employee benefits, Becky says “the team’s wellbeing is a top priority for us and we can’t imagine a future without the benefits Heka provides. I would 100% recommend it.”

About Creature

Creature is an independent creative agency based in London, working as an extension of their clients’ teams across the globe. The Creature team aims to make a genuine impact on the culture in which their clients' brands are operating. They also keep 80,000 bees. 

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