Jameson Legal: “Heka is the obvious choice for employee wellbeing”

With the global pandemic thrusting employee wellbeing into the consciousness of every business leader, Jameson Legal considered adding another aspect to their employee benefits package. Lesley Stamps, Jameson Legal’s Director of Administration explains: “We decided to keep our existing provider which gives employees discounts, and add Heka to the offering to support our team more directly with their health, wellbeing, and mindfulness.”

Excellent value

Flexibility in employee benefits is key to ensuring everyone feels valued and included. That’s why Heka offers over 1,000 experiences across 50 categories either in-person, virtually or delivered to your door. “Heka was the obvious choice when we were looking for a new provider to support our team’s wellbeing. The vast range of experiences and activities available, and how they tailor that to each employee made it an easy addition to our employee offering.”

With Heka now fully operational at Jameson, Lesley is just as excited about the support the business is offering their employees. “As we provide each employee with a balance to spend on Heka each month, it feels like we’re directly contributing to their happiness and wellbeing, which is very important to us as a business,” Lesley says. “Whether they’re in London or elsewhere, we’re able to reach and impact 100% of our employees, as each and every one uses Heka.”

Employee morale is up

Since its introduction, Heka has had an immediate impact on Jameson Legal employees. Lesley says that “employee morale has noticeably improved and many have personally told me and the leadership team that they’re happier as a result of Heka’s benefits.”

“From launch we’ve been fully supported by the Heka team. Getting everybody onboard was very easy and the launch team was very friendly and professional. Any queries we’ve had since then have been dealt with excellently and very quickly.”

About Jameson Legal

Jameson Legal is a multi-award-winning international consultancy specialising in the recruitment of lawyers and legal personnel. Their clients include many of the leading international law firms as well as the in-house legal departments of major private and public companies.

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