“Our focus on wellbeing has helped to bring our team together” — Rostrum

At a glance: 

  • 86% monthly engagement rate over one year on 
  • Heka helps bring the Rostrum team together through shared experiences 
  • Noticeably better wellbeing: “Heka makes it easier for the team to look after their mental and physical health.” 

After using Heka for over a year, London-based PR agency Rostrum continues to make their employees’ wellbeing a top priority. We spoke to Michael Kahn, the agency’s Director of Resource & Development, to understand how Heka has supported Rostrum and its team. 


Wellbeing at all times 


Rostrum began looking at different wellbeing options when their tight-knit team was suddenly dispersed during the first Covid lockdown. “We knew that we wanted to maintain our strong team culture, and so we were looking for a company to provide virtual experiences that could bring the team together.” 


By partnering with Heka, Rostrum was able to add a wide range of virtual experiences, mental health support, and healthy food to its wellbeing offering. “Whether people were sharing their opinions of juices, online yoga classes or aromatherapy products, Heka helped bring the team closer together through shared experiences,” Michael explains. Since lockdown ended, the Rostrum team have been signing up for more in-person experiences, with some colleagues now planning to attend real-world classes and experiences together. 


Breadth and depth 


Rostrum was impressed with Heka’s offering from the outset, since “no other company could offer the same depth and breadth of services, products and experiences. People really like the fact that they can choose a magazine subscription, an afternoon of axe-throwing, or a massage. Or all three!” 


10/10 rating 


“One of the biggest differences we’ve seen since using Heka is that each employee can now look after themselves in a way that works perfectly for them – whether that means through better nutrition, mental health support, or exercise. Everyone is different, and there is something for everyone.” Indeed, the Rostrum team has a monthly engagement rate of 86% over a year after starting with Heka, with Michael rating Heka a “10 out of 10.” 


As for the future, the focus on the agency’s people and their wellbeing will never waver. Michael says: “I know that every company says this, but at Rostrum, our team really is our greatest asset – by far. And so we are totally committed to keeping them healthy and well, both physically and mentally, in any way we can.” 

About Rostrum 

Rostrum is a London-based PR agency that provides PR, content marketing, social media and influencer marketing to global brands, fast-growing start-ups and midmarket companies. 

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