Looking for a tickbox wellbeing solution? You’re in the wrong place.

But if you’re tired of employee benefits that don’t get used, or if you want to make a positive impact on your team, then it’s time to take a stand. We welcome you to Heka with open arms.

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End the cycle of
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Another year and another annual review of employee benefits. You’ve realised that only Jim from Operations and Sally in Finance have used any of the benefits you fought to get signed off. It’s time to end the misery: 99% of companies using Heka say it’s the best wellbeing benefit on the market.

“Heka is a dream for our employees at Creature and is so easy to use.”
Becky Dale
Office Manager
“Heka is the obvious choice for employee wellbeing, I highly recommend it.”
Lesley Stamps
Director of Administration
“Heka helps us reward our employees in a way that actually adds value to their lives.”
Hannah Marais
Talent Generalist

Zero waste.
Full impact.

Companies in the UK waste billions every year on benefits that don’t get used. It’s time to change that. 93% of employees say that Heka makes them healthier and 98% of employees choose Heka when offered it by their company.

New wellbeing trend?
No stress.

There are over 5,000 wellbeing experiences available for employees to choose from. And we add more every week, so you’ll never have to find another wellbeing benefit again.

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We'll never just be
box tickers.

We don’t just add female fertility tests and call it a day. We also have pregnancy vitamins, IVF consultations, sperm tests, post-natal therapy, and so much more for people looking for family planning and fertility support. And that’s just one of over 50 wellbeing categories!

“Heka allows us to flexibly and directly contribute to the wellness of the team in a simple and transparent way. If you’re considering adding Heka to your benefits – do it.”
Louise Harding
Operations Director
"Compensation to us isn’t just salary. Salary pays the bills but benefits have to actually benefit the individual. We’re not a one size fits all company, so we wouldn’t want a one size fits all benefits package."
Employee Experience Manager
"People are more than just the work that they do and we aim to recognise this. We are creating a workplace that attracts people and is where they will want to stay. Heka is a part of that."
HR Manager
"Heka has proven to be a great approach to rewarding employees cutting out a lot of time and resources otherwise spent trying to achieve what the platform provides all-in-one."
Head of HR

No tools here. We're a partner in wellbeing.

Unlike other benefits, Heka takes the weight off your shoulders by managing your comms (yes, a benefit that promotes itself!), tailoring recommendations to your team, responding to any questions from employees, and delivering insightful reports for you to share with the wider business.

The highest rated employee benefit.

HR teams love Heka for its zero admin and excellent customer service. Employees love Heka because it provides wellbeing products and services that actually make a difference to their lives.

Check out our Trustpilot page, we love showing it off!

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If you’ve got this far, it’s clear you want to provide the best wellbeing support to your team. That’s our jam, so let’s make it happen.
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