Why have just one benefit when you could have 5,000

A gym membership is great for people that use the gym.
But for those that don’t, we have 4,999 other options.

One platform to replace every other wellbeing benefit

Everyone's different, so one-size-fits-all benefits that only serve 10% of your team won't work. Heka has something for every individual, so you can put a smile on every employee's face. Yeah, even Steve in Accounting.

Employees can access

& so much more!

Health and wellbeing that will wake up the c-suite, not send them to sleep

Wellbeing has become a word that triggers eye-rolls, yawns and even vomiting*. That’s because employee wellbeing solutions have never hit the mark. Until Heka.

93% of employees that use Heka say it makes them healthier and happier. And everyone knows that happier, healthier people are proven to be more productive and are less likely to leave.

93% — that's nearly your entire team. Nobody ignores numbers that good.

*the vomiting thing was just a rumour, we have no proof of this.

Don’t follow trends.
Set them.

Wellbeing trends come and go. The big trend in 2021 was mental health, menopause in 2022, financial wellbeing in 2023 and neurodiversity in 2024.

Heka offers support across all of these areas. So whatever Elon has planned for 2063, Heka already has it covered.

Trust our users

We’re the highest rated employee benefit.

Wellness in One!

“A fantastic platform for all health, wellness and fitness outlets. I personally use it for the gym and trying out new things such as pottery classes!”

I absolutely love HEKA

“It's like a wellbeing wonderland!! I've found that there's something for everyone and this isn't just a benefits platform, it's a game changer in employee care.”

Great monthly pick-me-up and team

“If I just got a cash bonus for the same amount I’d wouldn’t really notice it, but instead it’s so nice to have this allowance I *have* to spend on myself, on something that’ll make me feel good.”

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It's time for wellbeing to mean something

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