A benefit that ticks bucket-lists, not boxes.

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Heka is an online wellness platform inspiring people to be all that they can be.

We give employees a gateway to over 3,000 carefully curated experiences, covering mental, physical, lifestyle, and on-demand.

Every person has unique strengths. And Heka exists to help people find and thrive through them. Supporting companies to empower their employees through benefits that are personal, inspiring, and joyful.

Redefine wellness at your company


How Heka works

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    Unlocking Heka

    Heka is for everyone. We empower companies to support all their employees, leaving nobody out.

    Based on the size of your team, you'll pay an accessible price of £0.40 - £4.00 per month, per person.



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    Heka's benefits

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    How Heka engages

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    Tracking Heka

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