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Heka offers a health benefits solution that is as unique as your employees. Tailored to your company. Personalised to each individual.

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Tailored to you

We work with you to tailor the best health benefit for your company. When you book a demo, we'll explore your employees' preferences, company needs, and budget to create a health benefits solution that is as unique as your employees!

Your budget

We work with your budget to create a health benefit that will boost your employees' health, morale, and performance. The price of giving employees access to Heka is based on the size of your company. So whether you have 50 or 5,000 employees, we work with you! 

Add an allowance

To add an extra spark you can give your employees a credit allowance, e.g. £30 per person per month, that employees' can spend on any of Heka's 3,000+ experiences. On average, the experiences we list are discounted by 25% or more, so credit goes far! 

Launch and engagement

We take care of everything you need to launch Heka at your company. From pre-launch comms to a virtual launch party, and ongoing engagement - it's no wonder 85% of employees engage with Heka! Book a demo today and experience the magic of Heka.

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Find out how Heka can inspire, educate, and support your employees to boost their health

“Heka have been a brilliant addition to our wellbeing benefit. The platform provides a broad range of choice in terms of activity and location. The team are great, always on hand to help me as the office representative and also each individual who has signed up. They make wellbeing easy!”

MoneySuperMarket wellbeing champion

heka screenshot showing personalised recommendations

80% of Heka is personalised

To each employee

Your employees are all unique individuals! They each have their own preferences, motivators, and needs. At Heka we listen and learn to what your employees want. And using ‘clever tech’, we inspire employees with content and experiences that are relevant to them,  and their unique preferences.   

  • Employees share their preferences
  • Heka personalises 80% of recommendations
  • The platform constantly learns and adapts 

Hours of inspiring workshops

All at your finger tips

 Through 'The Heka Academy' your employees will have access to hours of pre-recorded workshops, classes, blogs, tips & tricks. Each video is designed to be short and sweet, to give employees mini-outlets to support them. 

  • Workshops on nutrition talks to self-massage
  • Taster sessions to try classes for the first time
  • Tips & tricks to learn new skills
heka screenshot showing an example of a heka academy video
heka screenshot showing an example of a heka organised event

We're all unique individuals

Part of a community 

At Heka we care about the community we have created and regularly run events (virtual or otherwise) so we can all come together. Even if you haven't launched Heka yet, you can still get involved through... 

  • Monthly workshops for HR Professionals
  • Watch our 'Wellness Warriors' interviews  
  • Subscribe to our newsletter, to keep up to date 

Learn what your employees actually want

It’s easier to get internal approval when you have direct feedback from your employees, as to what support they actually want. So if you’re looking to collate data, or are just interested to hear your employees’ preferences, then click ‘share a survey’ and we’ll send a survey straight to your inbox.

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How Heka will help you

3,000+ experiences

Personalised recommendations

85% engagement rate

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