5 Winter Wellbeing Activities

A quick summary:

With winter weather settling in for the long haul, it can be tempting to go into hibernation mode.

Many of those summer wellness ideas that were enthusiastically embraced in warm weather seem uninspiring or even impossible when the sun goes down at 4 pm.

Do not fear, we’re here to offer you 5 winter wellbeing activities to keep your mind and body healthy over the winter months ahead.

Personal Training

1-1 personal training sessions are completely personalized to help you work towards your personal fitness goals. PT sessions allow you to build a connection with your trainer, so they understand what motivates you to exercise.

Our popular provider, Let’s Go Wellbeing, offers 1-2-1 personal training sessions with their founder, Matt Balfou.

“Through a combination of specific and continued focus with the right people, anything is possible...” - Matt Balfou

Let’s Go Wellbeing also offers live-at-home HIIT workouts via zoom, where they promise you’ll burn on average a minimum of 500 kcals per workout.

Book in for your 15-minute consultation followed by your first personal training session with Matt here.

Stay Mindful

Practicing mindfulness can help you take your mind of the many stresses and emotions that tend to arise at winter time.

Take a bit of extra time for yourself, whether it’s for going for a walk, a short meditation session, or simply allowing yourself to drink a cup of tea mindfully.

Our provider Breathe Magazine is the original mindfulness magazine for a calmer and more relaxed you.

This body and soul guide to a happier, healthier life includes 5 sections – wellbeing, living, mindfulness, creativity and escape. The aim of Breathe magazine is to help you “make more time for yourself”.

Order your £5 December issue here for beautiful illustrations, winter craft projects, and inspiring features such as how to achieve relief from stress, increase resilience and find greater happiness.

Looking for year-round Mindfulness advice? Breathe offer an annual subscription here too.

Maintain a Healthy Diet

With the colder winter weather come coughs, colds and the flu season. It’s an important time to make sure you stay on top of your diet and keep your body well-nourished.

Seeing a nutritionist is a great way to improve your winter wellbeing by getting personally tailored nutritional advice.

Our provider Span offers specialist on-going nutrition chat support.

Span is made up of a highly experienced team of medical advisors including the Director of the Lifestyle Clinic at Duke University Dr. Eric Westman, Lecturer in Personalized Nutrition and Nutritional Genomics at Stanford University Dr. Lucia Aronica, and certified chef and registered nutritionist Rachel Lett.

They empower you to take control of your health by harnessing the power of nutrition to optimise your weight, immunity, fertility and gut health.

“More than 80% of adults have metabolic dysfunction - we learned this the hard way with C19. You Google the best diet in 2020, but the chances that it will work for you are pretty slim. We’re all different. This is where a nutritionist becomes powerful: finding what works for you in a sustainable way.” - CEO of Span, Patrick Samy.

Sign-up for your £12 1-month pass here for on-demand nutrition support.

Mental Health Therapy

As a result of C19, medical professionals are reporting that pre-existing mental health conditions are worsening, and the number of people experiencing new mental health issues is on the rise.

2020 hasn’t been a walk in the park for anyone, and we want to encourage our users to reach out and discuss their problems before they potentially become more serious.

Our leading mental health provider Plumm (formerly Healing Clouds) is an online platform that aims to make mental health services affordable and accessible for all.  By connecting you to a global pool of therapists which provide therapy sessions of 60 to 90 minutes each and are available to you 24/7 anytime, anywhere!

"Your mental health matters. Please remember that asking for help is brave and it's never too late (or too soon!) to start seeking support. This year has been tough but together we can spring back stronger." - Asim, Founder of Healing Clouds.

Click here to book in for 1, 2 or 4 sessions with one of Plumm's highly experienced and accredited therapists.

Exercise Outside

There’s plenty of proof that exercising outside can heighten self-esteem, improve mood and lower stress levels, and boost overall mental wellbeing.

Our provider WithU provides on-demand audio fitness sessions. Their audio app allows Heka members to train anytime, anywhere with workouts and programmes have been created by some of the fitness industry’s leading coaches across a range of disciplines: from strength, mobility, and HIIT training to running and indoor cycling.

So what are you waiting for? Pop on those thermals, grab your headphones, and get moving!

Sign up here for WithU’s Audio Fitness Membership: 1 month - £4, 3 months - £12 , or 12 months - £29.99.