A new approach to employee mental health: Why it must become a business priority

A quick summary:

We recently had a chat with George Taktak, Founder and CEO of How Mental, the mental movement on a mission to support everyone in prioritising their mind. With a community of over 660 000 people on Instagram, the How Mental team knows a thing or two about how to create a culture of trust, inclusivity and care.

In this conversation, we discuss all things mental health. We look at what burnout actually is and how it is impacting employees in today’s working environment. We explore how George takes care of the mental wellbeing of the team, their company culture and ideas to encourage business leaders to open up about their mental health. Finally, we look at the challenges preventing people from accessing mental health support and potential solutions to overcome this.

Learn more about how Heka can support you in creating mental health inclusivity at the workplace here.

About Heka's Wellness Warriors at Work podcast:

Heka is on a mission to make employees feel valued and we know that organisational change starts at the top. This is why we’ve created the Wellness Warriors at Work community, the UK’s first professional community providing the tools, knowledge and inspiration to human-focused leaders who prioritise employee health and wellbeing.

Our bi-weekly podcast is part of our efforts to change the narrative of traditional, “box-ticking” benefits, and truly start inspiring happier, healthier humans. In this space, we champion human-focused leaders and feature wellness warriors supporting inclusion, wellbeing and employee empowerment at the workplace.

If you’re a wellness warrior or know of anyone who has gone above and beyond to promote workplace wellness, get in touch and we’ll feature you in our upcoming episodes.

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