The HR Hero Quiz: Which HR personality are you?

A quick summary:

Regardless of where you work, who you work with, and how you work, everybody, you encounter is different. We all have our own ideas, opinions, best practices and other traits that make us unique.

While this is the recipe for great collaboration, creativity and teamwork, it can be difficult to understand others in the workplace. Acknowledging the way people work can help HR professionals and leaders really get the best results out of their teams. That’s exactly what we’ve explored in this post 

By using our personality quiz, HR individuals can understand their own working style, and how others may perceive them in the office. HR departments of the workforce are diverse, and by understanding each other, we can work better together.

Before we find out more about the various personality types often found in HR teams, why not try out our personality quiz and see what you are? 

Simply hit start on our quiz below to begin. You will be given several questions about best practices, how you approach obstacles and challenges, and what you like to get up to outside of work. 

Our quiz will then distinguish which of the personality traits you are in the workplace. We’ve written a more detailed description of the personality traits below. 

What does HR stand for and what does it do?

The two letters HR stand for ‘Human Resources’ - although you may see it written as HRM, which is Human Resource Management. Regardless, these refer the department of a business that deals with payroll, employee benefits, recruitment, onboarding, tax and so many other people-related activities. 

It is the job of a HR department to understand how to motivate employees, how to drive employee retention, reduce turnover rates and support the human element of businesses.

The Guru

The HR Guru is quite possibly the most prestigious personality type of the four! It’s clear you really know your stuff. You’re the kind of person that will help colleagues in every pursuit and just know what to do next.

It’s your ideas that drive projects and results, and yet you remain humble as always. That’s because you recognise the importance of teamwork and collaboration, but can also thrive when working alone.

HR Guru’s aren’t always managers, but you know how to lead the way and make quick, accurate decisions about what’s best for your team. If anything, you rarely need managing, as your years of experience has taught you all that you need to know. 

Typically, it doesn’t matter what area of HR it is, you’ve likely done it all in the span of your career. You’re an essential part of any HR team and can support a manager, just as much as managers support you.

Ultimately, because you received HR Guru through our personality quiz, it’s likely you’ve worked in this department for many years, and know the ins and outs of everything - whether it’s payroll, recruitment, employee retention, performance management and many more. 

The Listener

Every workplace, and in every team, there’s a great listener. These individuals know how to listen, and then act on supporting others. Their listening skills go so far, that a lot of people turn to you for support in everything, even if it’s outside of work. 

It’s the way you work and communicate that really helps your coworkers - They know you’re always there for a quick chat, or a long discussion. When you do listen, you pick up on the qualities that will motivate your team mates to be their best at work. 

The three words people would most likely say relate to you in the workplace is compassionate, empathetic and supportive. You’re always there for people, and it truly shows. 

Not only can you support others at work, but you also know how to listen to the details of new projects and tasks, and rarely need asking or informing twice. You take every detail with the utmost precision and strive to do your best work. 

Overall, you’re a great listener, and in many different ways. You don’t let the ever shortening attention span we see in society impact your ability to be your best and with the right information, nothing stops you from helping other and being a great member to any team.  

The Team Player

You are a bubbly and energetic person in the workplace. The camaraderie that comes with collaboration and working in a team really gets you out of bed in the mornings. For you, your job satisfaction isn’t so heavily reliant on tasks and projects, but more relationships and teamwork - and that isn’t a bad thing.

As a team player, you find it easy to bring everyone together, because you understand the value that can be derived from collaboration. And often, your push for teamwork results in great things being accomplished.

When it comes to organising social activities and events, you’re definitely the person people want to manage it. Everybody in your team recognises that you know how to have fun, and your happiness often lifts the office atmosphere. 

Ultimately, your colleagues enjoy spending time with you Monday to Friday, and you know how to lift those who are down and motivate those who need it. You contribute a lot of ideas in collaborative environments and really thrive in a team. 

If you received this answer in our personality quiz, you should be proud that people look to you to put a smile on their faces. Considering how stressful and exhausting our working lives can be, every team, whether it’s HR department or marketing, needs a HR hero like you.

The Manager

You’re a passionate manager who takes their career seriously. Those around you would praise your hardwork and dedication to success and generating the best results. What’s more, these same individuals look to you for support, and feel you do everything to help them in their daily working lives.

It’s in your best interest to build the best company, and the rest of your leadership team value your input and proactiveness. Ultimately, you are exactly what a manager needs to be. 

From building amazing teams, scaling business and everything in between, you know what’s expected of you, and never fail to deliver. You also know how to balance fun and focus when it comes to work; making it clear when your team should work at their best.

As a HR manager, you have a vision for those in your team and the future goals of the department; however, you also know how to articulate your vision to those around you and get everyone onboard.

Every HR department needs a manager and leader, and it seems you tick every box. You should take pride in knowing our personality quiz decided you were ‘The Manager’. 

If you aren’t already a manager in the HR department, these results could be a sign that new promotions are on the horizon.

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