Heka’s story: Building a movement (and a brand) in the midst of a global pandemic

A quick summary:

Our reality has changed, and so have we.

Recent events have served as proof that humanity can not only do better, but deserves better. Much better. We believe each of the 7.8 billion humans on this Earth can be even greater. Even smarter. More balanced. And happier. We're committed to supporting everyone and anyone who’s down for the journey.

The name Heka comes from Ancient Egypt, meaning “wellness”. It was the God of magic and medicine, two concepts which were completely intertwined. To them, Heka allowed for the individual to link to the divine and inspired humans to activate the power of their soul. Their life-force. Their magic.

This is exactly what we want to do. How? By empowering each individual to initiate their Heka journey, their wellness journey. For us, wellness is the ongoing and active pursuit of a fulfilling lifestyle, which brings a sense of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing.

For most people, the body is just a vehicle for habits, driven by impulse and prejudice. But we’ve decided to take a different perspective. The human body should be a vehicle for higher feelings, joy and discovery.

Regardless of your starting point, we want to help you find that sweet spot. That experience where all change begins. We want to be that opening to what is and what has always been there, but has never had a chance to come out.

It can be achieved. We understand that what lights our fire, puts wind in our sails and gets our wheels turning will not be the same as for you. This is why, whether you are into candle-light meditations, sweat-dripping training or breath-taking adventures, our promise is to inspire and empower you to be well.

We believe one little thing leads to another. To a small feeling, a good memory, an openness to another experience. A little smile inside….then to a small change, then larger and larger into a real, life-enhancing change. But we believe it all starts with the power of the individual, it all starts with YOU.

Do you believe it as well?

Join us in our pursuit to become happier, healthier humans.

Heka, Heka, Heka

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