How to empower your employees to succeed and grow

A quick summary:

This episode features Marnie Richards, Head of Employee Experience at EduMe, the Workforce Success platform used by modern companies to train, inform and engage their workforce. EduMe ranked amongst London’s top 50 start-ups to work for in 2021, and received accreditation by Flexa as a truly flexible place to work.

During the interview, we discuss EduMe's commitment to empowering employees to be their "best working selves", the benefits they offer to support people's mental and physical health, and how they facilitate self-development and learning.  

Marnie also offers advice for companies managing the transition back to the office and shares her top tips for you to get leader buy-in for your employee wellbeing initiative.

About Heka's Wellness Warrior series:

In this space, we champion human-focused leaders and feature wellness warriors supporting inclusion, wellbeing and employee empowerment at the workplace.

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