How Heka Clubs help employees feel connected

A quick summary:

Let’s face it, although we all love flexible working, the truth is that a remote or hybrid mode of work can feel lonely at times. Research found that 40% of remote employees struggle with loneliness and that it impacts the productivity of over 56% of the workforce. To address rising loneliness levels, Gallup recommends creating opportunities for meaningful, intentional connection with others. However, to actually organise a team reunion (online or in-person), leaders must overcome differences in time zones and work schedules, as well as try to cater to different interests and skill levels (depending on the activity).  The costs and resources required for a meaningful, fun and interactive social,  mean that, at best,  it may happen once a month or even once a quarter. This falls short of providing enough intentional connection.

Heka Clubs are designed to reduce remote work loneliness and support leaders in ensuring employees feel connected and happy.

As a manager, it can be extremely hard to notice when employees working remotely are feeling lonely.  What is worse, is that remote workers often do not voice their challenges, as they feel that they won’t be understood. Helping employees who are feeling lonely takes more than generic online quiz socials with the rest of the company. Getting involved in an online community, which shares the same interests and passions can be an ideal way for individuals to start feeling connected and engaged at work.

Introducing Heka Clubs. These are spaces within the Heka platform where employees can join like-minded individuals in something that makes them happier and contributes to their physical and/or mental wellbeing. A user survey revealed that running and cooking are the most common activities people use to unwind, and the Heka Kitchen and Heka Racers clubs provide opportunities for individuals to engage in these activities within a community.


Heka Kitchen

Heka's very own cookery club hosts live cookalongs and shares delicious monthly recipes.

This club is a great space for individuals to connect with fellow foodies, discover new flavours and take their cookery skills to the next level!

Heka Racers

Heka Racers offers a platform for employees to connect with like-minded running enthusiasts and provides plenty of motivation to keep individuals on track.

It features monthly challenges and a Strava leaderboard for those looking for a little more competition.  

Looking for ways to make your workforce feel more connected and engaged? Book a demo and explore how Heka can support your team.

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