The best (and worst) hangover workouts

A quick summary:

Heavy weekend? Feeling a little on the hungover side? That’s OK, you don’t need to skip leg day. Here are a few workout ideas for when you’re fragile but feeling the urge to sweat.

Keep things upright

The last thing you want to do today is jump up and down, or worse, be upside down. This should be relatively easy to avoid unless you’re into aerial fitness, but maybe skip the downward facing dog. You also might want to pass on an intense HIIT workout, jumping jacks, that sort of thing. No one wants to see last night’s drinks, and too much stomach movement could put you in the danger zone. Recommended exercises: A brisk walk, a very (very) light jog, upright yoga/pilates, barre class (you can stay pretty stationary with this) and if you’re feeling adventurous, maybe a short boxing class, avoiding the skipping ropes, of course.

Don’t be afraid to sweat

The sooner you sweat it out, the better. While you’re avoiding any rigorous workouts, you can still take on anything that’s going to help get those glands a-flowing! Recommended workouts: While a spinning class might sound like your idea of hell right now, if you think your stomach can handle it, then it’s a good one for staying upright and stationary while sweating out those toxins. A sweaty yoga session is also ideal, but hot yoga is not recommended when you’re already dehydrated.

Be kind to your abs

If your workouts normally involve a decent amount of ab work, you may want to skip to leg day instead and not challenge your stomach too much. Crunches, planks and burpees are not going to be your friend today. Recommended alternatives: Switch it up for squats, gentle scissor kicks and simple stretches to take the pressure off your core. Concentrating on other muscle areas and sticking to slow, fluid movements in an ashtanga yoga class, for example, will help give you a strength workout without any sudden movements. It goes without saying, but remember that drinking plenty of water is more important today than ever. Replenish your system and you’ll start to feel fitness ready in no time.