The role of organisational communication in creating a wellness-focused culture

A quick summary:

Emma is a creative copywriter with a focus on supporting employers and entrepreneurs to improve culture with relatable mental health and wellness content.

We discuss:

  • The role leaders should play in the physical, mental, and emotional wellness of their employees at this time.
  • The importance and impact of discussing and communicating wellness topics at the workplace.
  • How wellness and mental health at the workplace have shifted as a consequence of C19.
  • The #1 obstacle for leaders in terms of fully committing and communicating the importance of wellbeing in their companies.
  • Advice for self care and maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Key Takeaways:

  1. It is important that, as leaders, we set a positive example for our teams by investing in our own wellbeing.  That means that in addition to making time for that weekend hike, lunchtime HIIT workout or healthy smoothie, you should try to tell your employees about it, so that they are inspired to do the same.

  2. We should also be encouraging our people to talk openly about their mental health concerns by sharing our own experiences. This one requires some vulnerability but helps to break down stigma and create a safe environment for open conversations.

  3. Finally, it is critical to keep a sense of community alive while working remotely, so ensure you have regular catch-ups, schedule team socials, and host virtual coffee breaks to keep everyone connected.

About Emma:

Through her wellness content, Emma helps leaders to engage and inspire their people around wellbeing, mental health, diversity, and inclusion. She uses her knowledge and creative writing to work with employers who value people above profits, helping to break down the stigma surrounding mental health.

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